Saturday, May 28, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Christoph Marek, "White Flag." I posted this individually a few weeks ago just on this blog and myspace, thinking it would disappear. It looks like it's not going anywhere anytime soon, so since I like it so much I'm going to post it here. This version of "White Flag" is so un-Dido like. Very dark. I Like it.

MK Ultra, "
The Dream is Over." Just a cool song, in my opinion.

Regina Spektor, "
Us." I love this song--It's so pretty. At first I was put off by her vocal hiccuping, but then I realized it was just one part of an otherwise perfect song, so I searched and found the mp3. I'll buy the CD when I have money (which is not now, unfortunately.)

Player Hater "
Who's Walking Away." Don't let the name fool you--this is not rap or hip-hop. This is as indie as the rest of the stuff I post. Lo-fi, male vocals. It doesn't so much rock as it glides. Good for hangovers.

And Retroactively:

Crowded House, "
Distant Sun." Unfortunately the posting of this mp3 was to mark the death of one of the members. That broke my heart--this band meant a lot to me. Their song "Don't Dream It's Over" got me through high school and still means so much to me. The singer/main songwriter Neil Finn still records, and his new stuff is as good as anything Crowded House ever did, which means it's brilliant. (1993, from the album Together Alone.)*

Thanx to Entroporium for this mp3.


Alan Williamson said...

hey lola,
i see you like mk ultra, which is singer/songwriter john vanderslice's old band. vanderslice is an amazingly generous person and offers many, many, many mp3s to download.

go here:

and here:

He is a great musician!

Lola said...

Thank you. I get most of my music from blogs like yours, so I appreciate anything you can throw me.

Living in a bottom-tier town makes finding music difficult :)

Shawn @ Entroporium said...

Hi Lola,

Thanks for having a look through my blog. In the future, would you mind not direct-linking to MP3s or at least give credit for the entry?

No hard feelings, glad you like the track.


Anonymous said...

As many links as you want!