Sunday, August 07, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

The first song is one I've been obsessing over for weeks (don't I always say something like that?) Anyways, it's beautiful and it breaks my heart. It's called "O You With Flowers,"
and it's by a band I really like called Royal City. I originally got this song from Said The Gramophone two months ago but it's been taken down. I posted a yousendit link--warning: It will expire in seven days.

The second song is Zap210 and it's by a band called Baikonour. Like most electronic bands, this band isn't comprised of a collective--it's just one person, French-born, Britain-based Jean-Emmanuel Krieger. This song is an interesting, slightly boppy instrumental, and it's available from their label, Melodic. Click on the audio link at the top right, and it'll be the first song.

Uh...well, I was gonna put a particular song here, but when I was looking in google for a version of it, my blogspot actually popped up from when I posted it two months ago. Oops.


Okay, another yousendit link. I've just spent an hour trying to find a copy of this song online, and no luck :) It's available as part of a Beat The Indie Drum mix, but I'm not going to ask anyone to download a dozen songs just for one! (Though I bet all the songs are great.) The song is called "Life Lines," and the band is Bionic Systems Go. Here' s the yousendit link. May they never cut me off. Don't forget these expire after seven days!

I like this song. And finally one that's still posted! I have got to get quicker about posting these songs once I hear them. This is (what a great name) "Blood & Peanut
" by BC Camplight. Yep, blood and peanut butter. All anyone ever needs :)

The next one is a retro-active song, and another yousendit link. A friend of mine (younger than me) didn't know Bjork was in a band before she went solo! Granted my friend was in around first grade at the time, but still...this song rocked my little heart when I was growing up. I still listen to it with wonder. It's "Birthday," by The is a birthday...we're smoking seagulls... Yes, Bjork. Yes, we are.

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Hi, Can u explain to me what is Boisa Bis O Boisa? I like that song too.

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