Sunday, October 02, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

It is a good thing that I don't do much of anything on Sunday nights, because I seem to wait until the very last minute to post my five songs for the week. It wouldn't be so hard if I could find the weblinks for the songs. I always try to include the web address when I'm saving the name of the song, but sometimes I forget, or it starts downloading before I get a chance to, or sometimes even if I write it down I still can't find it!

This week's was especially hard since I haven't had a chance to organize any of the new songs I've gotten (I now have almost 3,000 songs), but I still think I did well considering. It's also hard trying to figure out which ones I've already posted. That's it--I need a personal assistant.

The first song is a cute song from a band called Girlboy Girl (Yeah, I know a lot of guys who'd like that ratio). The band's from Bristol, England, and according to the label's site they've been around for almost ten years. (See, I'm not so old...) The name of the song is "Radiator" I remember nights in my early 20s listening to the radiator...I miss radiators...

I've only downloaded a few of the songs from Bishop Allen, but so far I love what I've heard. I'd particularly like to have people listen to the first song listed, "Things Are What You Make Of Them". That's my favorite right now, but I'm also loving their version of "Eve of Destruction".

I really like the songs I've heard from Mary Timony's record label site (look in the list at the bottom of the page...I particularly like "Poison Moon") and the song I got from Said the Gramophone, "Hour Glass." Very unusual.

I've linked to Aaron Booth before, and I've liked everything I've heard. Turns out he's also a producer, and on his site he links to one of the songs he produced. Turns out I really like the song. It's called "Down With Safe" and it's by Hot Little Rocket. You can find it towards the bottom left of Aaron's website.

Retroactively, we have a song I haven't thought of in a decade. I've had Midnight Oil's Greatest Hits collection (called 20,000 Watts R.S.L.) on cd for years, but I only listened to the songs I remembered liking (bad Lola). Well, I was listening to music choice (digital music service on my cable) the other day, and their song "The Dead Heart" came on, and I was all "whoa...I loved this song!" and I did...I adored this song. I still do adore it, which is why I'm including it. So, here it is--my long-lost favorite Midnight Oil song.

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