Sunday, October 09, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

There are a few songs that come up on my mp3 player every day and I think "I love this song. I have got to remember to post that this weekend." Problem is, I'm always on the bus or walking, and I can't get to my player to actually see who's doing the song. So, weeks go by. The songs come up and I think "Oh...I've got to..." and another day goes by.

So this evening (Saturday, October 8, 2005) I have gone through the songs on my mp3 player and made a list of those elusive songs. There are more than five songs, so I shall have to break it down between this weekend and next.

The first is a very melancholy, very heartbreaking song called "Breaking". Chris Hickey says he's "just breaking" for someone. I know I've felt that way before, as have most people. The music captures that feeling perfectly, and I feel like I break a little when I'm hearing it. Oops...just realized why I never linked to it. I'm going to link to a streaming site. If you check back in a few days, I may've replaced this with an mp3.

The second song has the funniest, but also the saddest lyric. "You told me before you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception." Yep, she sounds like a winner. The name of the song is "Chelsea Hotel #2" and it's by Iron and Wine. It's about three years old, but I'd never heard it before I downloaded it.

A less sad and more animated song is "Mexican Standoff" by Elbow (though I have no idea what it's about--so it could be sad, for all I know). The first song I heard by Elbow was the soft, reflective "Newborn", and no matter what else I hear by them, I still have them fixed
in my mind as gentle giants--sparce music and soaring vocals. Well, they do play that, and the vocals do rise as the song progresses, but "Mexican Standoff" is the type of song that will wake you up and possibly toss you off the side of the canyon if you don't pay attention.

I can't imagine that I haven't linked to Cezanne's "I've got so much" before, because I absolutely love this song, but it's not coming up on my list. We'll blame it on my exhaustion, because this song should've been posted months ago. It's just one of those quintessential Lola-songs. What can I say--I love my indie boys.

Lastly (for this week, anyway), we have Bloodthirsty Lovers, "Medicated" (look to the right of the page near the top). This song reminds me reminds me of...Dead Can Dance by way of Portishead? Liz Frasier if Liz Frasier were in need of medication? Anyways, it's weird and I like it. "Weird" is the highest compliment I bestow on anything.

In addition to my usual five songs, I'm going to post a few more links. The first is for a band I like I found on Myspace. I may try to find some downloads, but for right now I just have their myspace account.

Also, I want Veronica Mars Soundtrack. I so totally already know all this music. I rock.

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