Sunday, October 23, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

This week I have two of the prettiest songs I've heard in years (I'm not saying I don't love the other songs, they're just not all pretty).

The first is by New Buffalo, and it's called "Recovery". I've been listening to this for just a few weeks (I've had it for two months, but I battle laziness constantly (I never win because I'm too lazy to fight well) and it takes me a few months sometimes to transfer a song from my computer to my mp3 player. Anyway, this started coming up a few weeks ago, and I just think it's gorgeous. I'll listen to it three times in a row (I'd listen more, but am afraid of becoming obsessive. Okay, I'm afraid of becoming hopelessly lost in obsession).

The second song I like as much. Unfortunately until today it was only known as Track 4. My mp3 player doesn't download all of the track information, for some reason. Because of my aforementioned laziness, I hadn't actually looked it up until now to find that it's it's Immaculate Machine, "No Way Out". This is a great song, though--one I'll be listening to often, and for the rest of my life.

I just saw the video for My morning Jacket's "Off The Record", and I was absolutely blown away by the song. It's not pretty like the first two songs, and it's not gentile like some of the songs I like. No, it's pure rock. That's the only description I have for it. It's really good rock, though. The song always holds my attention when I hear it. Like most people who read rock/alternative magazines, I'd heard of them, but I'd never heard any of their music. I figured they would be kind of Kings-of-Leon like (whom I now also love) and I didn't know if I'd like it. Well, I should've been paying attention to them (and Kings of Leon, too) a lot earlier. MP3: "Off The Record"

The next name I will definitely have to cut and paste. 01-bjorn_kleinhenz_and_pete_thompson-smog_bomb- There we go. I love my Swedish singers. I don't know what it is about the Nethersingers. I love a lot of Norwegian musicians, too. Maybe it's just 'cause their styles are so different from ours, and the music can be pretty damn
beautiful. This song, "Smoke Bomb", is actually surprisingly American sounding. There's almost something roots-rock about it. Regardless of the musician's origin, though, I love this song.

The next song is a retro song; it's one of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs (the other favorite being "Lazy Line Painter Jane", which I may upload sometime too). The song I'm linking to now, though is "The State I'm In". There's a different version on their first record Tigermilk (ten years God) but this version is from one of the best purchases I ever made--their first 4-CD set of singles. This song is from the "Dog on Wheels" single. I've never liked every single Belle and Sebastian song (some I simply hate) but the songs I love guarantee I will be a fan forever.

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