Sunday, November 20, 2005

Five Songs I've Loving This Week

Okay, now that I've spent hours trying to compose this Five Songs post...(hey, don't blame me. Blame OKCupid. and Friendster. and Livejournal...and the episode of Numb3rs I taped...and my mother calling...and the fact that I only heard a few songs I liked this week.)

You get the idea. Anyways, this has taken me longer than usual because I've been distracted by the internet, and it's almost time for me to start thinking about going to bed, so this installment may be a little low on the exposition. It will be high on nonsense, though, as it always is.

The first song,"Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well," I heard through MTV2's Subterranean program, meaning they played the video and it also happened to be accompanied by the song. It's kind of cool how when you see a video you almost always get to hear the song at the same time (unless your sound is blown out, or you have the sound turned down). It's not like you always see the video for a song when you're hearing the song. Well, if I had the IPOD Nano or something with similar technology, I could.

It's a pretty awesome song and it's by Mike Doughty. The video just has him lying down in the middle of a park, but I promise there's much more to the song than that. He may not even be lying down at all in the song, for all I know. Anyways, he's the former lead singer of Soul Coughing, and while I didn't know much about that band I will say I love what I've heard so far from him.

The second song has simply become one of my favorite songs in the world. I've been listening to it for months, but I've never posted it because I already posted a song from them called "Vivian Girls." Well, I love this song so much that I simply must post it. It deserves it's own post--heck, it deserves its own webpage. That's how much I love it. It's called "Wheats", and it's by Mazarin. Tell me you won't love it when he says "I must have spent 30 rainy days writing this simple melody to tell you that I'm over you, but, oh yeah, that's right ­ I'm not over you". Tell me your heart doesn't break a little for him :) The song isn't exactly new--I googled it and found references to it from 1999. As I've said before, greatness never expires (which is really the only argument I have for saying I'm immortal) :)

The third song is one of those I've had for a few months but for whatever reason never listened to (stupid mp3 player. Okay, now I feel guilty. I love my mp3 player). Anyways, it's punkish, rousing and the perfect thing to wake me up at 9 a.m. when I take my first nap at work (hey--I get there at 7 a.m. You'd fall asleep, too.) A copy of "Timed Clock" by Uphollow is available on their site under the media section (look on the right).

The next song, "Nth Degree", is the second song I've heard by Morningwood (the first was the cute, cute song "Jetsetter"). It reminds me of glitter, two-toned hair and way too many keyboards--in other words it reminds me of the early 80s. My favorite time of music--I had just learned to skate backwards, and I thought Duran Duran ruled the world (when actually that was Tears for Fears). Unfortunately it's no longer on the site I got it from, so I'm yousending it. The video is one of the best, most creative videos I've ever seen. It's even better than their video for "Jetsetter." Go see both videos at their site.

Retroactively, I'll list a song that's actually the same age as the second song I listed, but whatever. It's my list--you just read it :) It's another one of my favorite bands (I have a lot of those); they're called The Soundtrack of Our Lives (and they pretty much make up a third of my soundtrack) and it's called "Instant Repeater". It's the first song I ever heard from them, and it's still one of my favorites.

Okay, that's it for tonight. Hopefully next week I'll be more prepared and won't do this at the Nth hour!


ritzraff said...

could you possibly reupload Nth Degree?

Lola said...

Done! It's a brand new Megaupload link in there. I didn't mind at all--I love that song!