Sunday, June 18, 2006


Io Perry, "I'll Pick You Up"

When this song starts, it reminds me of something Frankie Valli would've sung in the 50's. You know--very "Beauty School Drop-Out". It's cool because of that, plus it mentions X-Ray vision and references to Superman are always cool in songs (well, alright--some people may dispute that Five For Fighting song, but I liked "Superman (It's Not Easy)"). Then it segueways into a breezy, poppy song with kind of sad lyrics. She says she'll take someone somewhere "even if it's just as a friend". I don't drive, so I can't comment so much, but if it were me with the price of fuel there'd better be something going on. Friends are nice, but gas is almost $3 a gallon for the cheap stuff! Anyways, I like this song a lot, as I do the other song posted, "Saturday". This is her website and her Myspace.

io_perry2_300dpi FROM HER SITE
Io Perry, Grey Baby album cover

Lake Holiday, "In Whispers"

I've posted a song from this band before, and last week I included their song "Press Record Then Play" on my podcast. Okay, so it hasn't been that long since i posted one of their songs, but they're worth multiple postings. The rapid delivery of the song (and even the guy's voice) reminds me of Guided By Voices. The keyboard refrain is distinctive; I'll never mistake this song for any other song. I know I say a lot of bands are "my favorites", but this is one of my favorites. I actually don't mind spending money on their cds. Here's their website.

The Arrogants, "Cool Shoes"

I first heard The Arrogants' "Cool Shoes" on Insomnia Radio Double Shots, which is a mini-podcast that site puts out in addition to its regular podcasts. The song has kind of a 60's feel--I'm beginning to realize that I really seem to like these kinds of songs. I call it boppy girl-pop, though I've heard some guys engage in it also. It has a lot in common with Io Perry's song in that respect; very upbeat, fast musical delivery, and slightly sing-songy female vocals. Maybe it's all the girl groups my mom listened to when I was a kid (and we listened to them all), but I love this kind of music. Maybe it's because it doesn't make me depressed like 98% of the music I like does; I'm not sure why I have such a penchant for California-type melodies and vocals. The Arrogants' Myspace page.

The Arrogants

Magneta Lane, "Constant Lover"

This is also a female-fronted band, but it's more hard-edged than the previous two songs. Granted hard-edged for me is along the lines of Sleater-Kinney or Yeah Yeah Yeah's--I'm not talking about death metal here. The vocals aren't sentimental--they're more penetrating than most pop vocals. More Joan Jett than Anna Nalick. Like they say on their website--"hugs and punches". They seduce and punch us at the same time, and we love it. I regretfully got their name wrong on the podcast from last week (oops--not my only mistake).

magphoto1  from their site
Magneta Lane

Retro Song:

The Unicorns, "Sea Ghost"

This is one of several songs from I Guess I'm Floating that I have lined up, ready to write about. Yes, folks, I have a surplus of songs-I'm-Loving-This-Week (er, month). This is two years old, and unfortunately the band's no longer together (but the members have gone on to do other worthy projects). I'd heard of the band before but had never heard any of their music until I decided to look for them after hearing one of the ex-member's side project Islands. It's a shame I was late to this (and I feel silly 'cause apparently they were as well-known to indie-music aficionados as Arcade Fire). Anyways--about the song: Oh my God! I love that piccalo or whatever it is (once again showing my ample musical knowledge). I love the name of the album, too--"Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone". What an awesome title.

A Unicorn, a mythological creature

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