Sunday, June 11, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

(Actually, I accidently posted six. Oh well. I have seven more I could've posted, but I figured I should save something for next week).

Alexi Murdoch, "All My Days"

I heard this guy on KRCW's Morning Becomes Eclectic and for once I ceased posting on Livejournal, my mind stopped wandering, and I stopped petting my cats. I just sat here and listened, enthralled. He's getting a lot of comparisons to Nick Drake, and they're valid--it's uncanny how much he sounds like him. However, I'm not going to dismiss his music as a Drake copy--the spirit may remind me of what made me love Nick Drake's music, but he very much is his own musician. He has other songs that aren't so reminiscent. His website

vert.alexi.guitar LARGER PICTURE I.CNN.NET
Alexi Murdoch

Salim Nourallah, "All Waste The Days"

This song has an almost 70's feel--that's actually not a bad thing. One both loves and loathes the decade they were born into. I'm sure my grandmother felt the same way about flapper music (or whatever 20's music was called). Actually, my grandmother never talked about music. She sold vegetables. I did use her nail polish a lot, though. Anyways--on topic--once the chorus kicks in some of the 70's feel goes away and a very good indie pop song is forged from the dust. His website.

Salim Nourallah

Sia, "Numb"

I usually have an instant distaste for anyone who just uses his/her first name (unless you're Madonna, in which case I may secretly worship you, know your full name, your birthdate and your life story--yes, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, I'm talking about you); however, I really, really like this song, so I'm letting go of that directive for now. She's touring with a band I just posted recently, Zero 7. This is her website--no capital letters. I'm trying to reserve judgement on that, too.

Beck, "Which Will"

Speaking of Nick Drake (which I was earlier), his songs were special. Not trying to get all mushy or anything, but he was a prince among smucks. Beck, who's not Nick Drake, has covered some of his songs and "Which Will" is my favorite of the three. I've always liked Beck, but I would've never thought he (or anyone) could do justice to these songs. I'm happy with the outcome, though. "Which Will" is such a slight song; any hint of heavy-handedness would've ruined it. Beck seemed to understand that he had to handle this song lightly.

The Bellyachers, "About You"

I simply love this song. I e-mailed them and begged them to donate this song to me so I could post it and tell the world (or whomever reads this) how much I love it. They e-mailed back almost immediately with the song--they sounded very happy to know I was interested in it and wanted to share it. It's one of those near-perfect songs (to me, anyway). I love the way she says "ahah". Here's their website and their Myspace.

The Bellyachers

Mary Timony, "14 Horses"

I chose to post an older song from her because while I like the stuff from her newer album, it doesn't affect me the same way this album does. This song is from The Golden Dove, an album that flows with Pagan Pop. If Elf Power is Druid Rock, she's a Pagan Pop Queen. "14 Songs" sounds like the accompaniment for a pre-Christian procession, only the party is going to L.A., and not a virgin slaughter (it is L.A.--no virgins). Her new cd, Ex-Hex, is very well-done, but it's guitar pop. I usually like guitar pop, and I do like the songs from Ex-Hex, but I'm too hung up on the awesome variety of instruments she uses on her previous album to be fair to the new one. After I get enough viola, cello and piano I can move on to her latest album. Right now I'm a girl with a crush on string instruments. She was on Matador records for a long time, but she moved to Lookout for Ex-Hex. According to her news page, though, she's going to Kill Rock Stars (they have a lot of music I like).

Mary Timony, looking so cute

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