Saturday, July 22, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

1986, "Narcotic"

The message is kinda depressing--"You think things will get better but they don't. You think you feel so much better when you're stoned". I personally just think things get more scary when I'm stoned, but that's just me. For me, things are usually much better when I get home the next day, shower, then eat all available potato chips. It's still a cool song, though. Reminds me a lot of Cracker. I've heard more of their music, too--they're very good. They're from one of the centers of American music, Austin, Texas (the city that makes me feel like a Texan even though I'm not).

Jennifer O'Connor, "Exeter, Rhode Island" (First heard on In House With Jeremy Peterson)

This is a nifty song (it's my blog; I can say "nifty" if I want. Though I will never say "Keen", though I do like the band Keane. My mother apparently does, too; she thinks they're "sweet", but not in an "ooh, sweet" way. More like an "oh, that band is so cute and sweet" way. It's my mom--there is no reasoning). Anyways, this is a neat song. I'm not overly impressed that she travelled all across Rhode Island 'cause the state's like the size of my city (granted it takes forever to get anywhere in this city) but I like the song.

Jennifer O'Connor
Jennifer O'Connor

The Long Winters, "Pushover"

I first posted The Long Winters awhile ago (probably one of the first songs I posted). The song was "A Scent of Lime" and it's from a previous album, The Worst You Can Do Is Harm. They've got a new album, Putting The Days To Bed, and I've heard about half of it. I haven't heard a bad song from what I've heard, either. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album, but right now I'm still absorbing these unique and well-crafted songs. Their website and their Myspace. (I also like "Blue Diamonds" and the other songs on this page.)

The Long Winters, from (I love the grins the two guys in the middle have on their faces!)

Anathello, "Hanasakajji" (Click on the song if you just want to hear it)

This is an odd song. Odd, odd, odd. That said, I love it. It gives me chills. It actually makes me smile (or am I just in pain because of cramps? It's hard to tell with me sometimes...) Anyways, I really have taken a liking to this song. Lots of horns and piano and weird-ass vocals. All I ever ask for in a song. (First heard by me on Noise For Toaster).

Beirut, "Postcards From Italy"

This is kind of Italian Vaudeville. I'm guessin' a genre like that exists. If not, I just made it up. How do I make the little TM sign from the keyboard? Anyhow, the guy's voice really, really reminds me of Devotchka--another kind of Vaudevillian band. This song has some very ballsy, very brassy horns. The drums are pretty cool, too. I had originally been looking for the song "Brandenburg' which I heard on In House With Jeremy Peterson. I did finally find the song, but I came across the Italy song while I was looking. I like both of the songs, actually :) Wow...there are alot of instruments played in this band. I love! Wait--he's twenty years old? That's it--I'm going to bed. (Their Myspace)

Beiruit's Album Gulag Orkestar

Bonus: I really like this cover of The Gorillaz' "Feel Good, Inc." It's by The Editors. I didn't put it as a regular selection 'cause it seems kinda cheesy for the first song I post by a band to be a cover (though I've done it before).

Podcasts I listened to this week:

Woxy FM Lounge Acts podcasts (scoll to the bottom right). They had a live show with The Hourly Radio--another Texas band. Such a great band, too. They also had Alexi Murdoch in the studio--I posted a song of his recently; he is most awesome.
Insomnia Radio
In House With Jeremy Peterson
CBC Radio They have a great Tegan and Sara interview in #60.

the great photo from Jennifer O'Connors home page
The image on the front page of Jennifer O'Connor's website

Quote of the day:

"Noise music is really only fun if you're playing it, not listening to it".
Coco Hayley Gordon Moore, 12-year old daughter of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, from an article in the Summer 2006 issue of Under The Radar.

(depending on the noise music, I might agree)

I did a lot in this post. Yay for me! I can't promise I'll be this thorough every week, but while I have the time I'm putting it into my blog. Tomorrow I may try to do a podcast and update my blogger site a little. I say may. I also have to clean (boo!!!) I unfortunately won't be able to put this much into the blog every week, though. I was kind of a captive blogger tonight because I was waiting for my friend to call to go to the movies to see Clerks 2, but she had a crappy day so we're going to wait until tomorrow. All the better for me 'cause I got this done. (Next week we're seeing A Scanner Darkly).

Okay, how many people think the guy from The Long Winters looks like Neil Young here? How many people think I really just need to go to bed?


Flatlander said...

I'm glad you're digging the Editors cover. Nice tune. Thanks for the link.

Lola said...

Definitely! Thanks for providing it :)