Saturday, July 01, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

The Blue Van, "Revelation of Love"

This is a pretty rockin' little song. Every once in awhile I like my music kinda loud and thrashy. Much like I like my--okay, never mind. You don't need to know that. Anyways, so yes. The song is "Revelation of Love", and I found it on their Myspace. Unfortunately, they don't let me add the song to my profile, so I must settle with a declaration of love through my Five Songs post. I suppose that will suffice. They're from Denmark--might be the first Danish musicians I like. Maybe--I forget. I love tons of Swedish and Norwegian musicians; I don't remember any from Denmark. Anyways, they're good in a gritty, Rolling Stones kind of way. The kind of band a girl loves, but may not take home to mama. Here's a video for the song. This is their website.

The Blue Van

Sally Crewe and The Sudden Moves, "Good Morning, Aston Martin"

That's definitely one of the weirder song titles I've seen, but that's why it caught my attention. Some people do talk to theirs cars, and even name them, so that's nothing new. I just can't help but wonder what member of an indie band owns an Aston Martin. It damn well better be an Aston Martin tour bus, that way the whole band can benefit from it. The song's pretty rockin', and the lead singer, Sally Crewe has a fantastic voice. The Sudden Moves' website.

Sophie Barker, "Wintertime"

This is definitely more low-key than the first two songs, but that's ideal. I try to go for a mixture every week; that way if someone doesn't like the more lackadaisical type songs then they still have something that might interest them, and vice-versa. Eh, I just wanted an excuse to write "lackadaisical". Do I really need an excuse? This song isn't folky, like some of the slower songs I post; it has more in common with the torch song genre than anything else. We'll call it alt-torch, with a guitar. She has a beautiful voice; she actually reminds me alot of one of my favorite singers, Heidi Berry. Here's her website.

Sophie Barker

The Spelling Bees, "Love Is For The Birds, Not The Bees" (please click on "media", then the band's name to bring up their mp3 page)

This song is just cute as hell (and hell's pretty damn cute). The vocals are distorted in a pleasant sort of "I've been up all night so everything's hazy" kind of way. I can't understand much of what she says, so some day I might want to look up the lyrics (watch it be about the war in Iraq, or some other non-love song subject) but I still love listening to it. Here's their website.

Chris and the Other Girls, "Let Go"

I think one of the instruments is someone just beating on the side of a guitar or something. it's really cool. The sound of the song is a little Jack Johnson (in other words: lackadaisical) but this guy (and girls? No girls are singing--maybe they're playing. Maybe they exist only in his mind and heart) brings a little more tension than is in Jack Johnson's songs. Maybe it's Jack Johnson if he was raised in Italy instead of Hawaii. (His website)

Christian Pitschl, from Chris and the Other Girls (he's so pretty)

In other news, no I'm not upset that my computer keeps crashing because I guess the hard drive's too full. I guess that's the reason it keeps crashing. Okay, so I'm a little perturbed. I really need a 2nd hard drive.


Hee! The Bens do The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself".

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Jill said...

speaking of the rolling stones, I saw a commercial for a VH1 special on this band Platinum Weird where Mick Jagger is saying that they’re “the most famous band noone’s ever heard of.” I think they’re some band from the 70s that never released a record or something? check out this clip though
does anyone know about this?