Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Okay, well, I decided to use EZArchive for the first time. I created an account and uploaded all the songs I wanted to use this week. I wanted the mp3s to be hotlinks, and while they sort of are, they're not exactly what I wanted. I can get the downloads to open up directly from the blog entry; however, a web browser will also open up with it. Also, it won't let me drag and drop the mp3 file straight into Winamp so I can stream it. If anyone is familiar with EZArchive and knows how to make that work, please let me know.

In the meantime, these songs took up half of my 100mb account, so I unfortunately won't be able to keep these up for long (probably no more than two weeks; in some cases one week.

The Clientele, "I Can't Seem To Make You Mine"

I'm not sure if I've ever used the word "romantic" to describe a song because I always considered it hard to qualify what "romantic" is. Okay, though, I give. This song is sad, wistful and about a hopeless love situation. It's romantic and bittersweet. It makes me crave dark chocolate.

The Clientele

Their site, their label site and their Myspace

Grant Lee Phillips, "Killing Moon".

This is one of the first Echo and the Bunnymen songs I heard (the other being "The Cutter"). It's still one of my favorite Echo songs and Phillips does a pretty faithful version of it, albeit not as new wave-y a version. This version is less dense and terse; it doesn't have as much of a gothic atmospheric, (though it does sort of a gothic cowboy feel). That's not a big deal to me, though, because I can always get an absolutely 100% faithful rendition by listening to the original song. This version is just different enough to mark it as Phillips' own rendition, but not so different as to be unrecognizable.

Grant Lee Phillips

His site (look on his "links" page for archived live performances) and his Myspace.

Chin Up Chin Up, "Mansioned"

I've posted a few Chip Up Chin Up songs in the past; I love this band. The singer uses this almost speak/sing method of singing and it creates a repetitiveness that I've mention before I really like. This song is from their second album This Harness Can't Ride Anything. It won't be released until October, but this song has made it out into the wide world.

Chin Up Chin Up, Photo by Martha Williams

Their label site, their official site and their Myspace.

Sterlin, "They Love You"

This song reminds me a little of The Bangles, if The Bangles had their start in the '00s instead of the 80's...very bright vocals that glide over the melody. Like a lot of The Bangles song, this one is a very memorable very well-constructed pop song.


Their website and Myspace.

The Scanners, "Lowlife"

Sometimes my favorite song of the week ends up last; I don't know why. Maybe it's because I know I'll like writing about it more. I dunno. Anyways, this is a spark of a song. It ignites and doesn't stop until the very last second. The guitar part in it should be a classic. (from the album Violence is Golden)

The Scanners

Their website and their Myspace.

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