Sunday, September 24, 2006

Song Post

I'm not much in the mood for a full five songs post, with commentary, but I did manage to download a few songs that I really like:

Brookhaven, "Transitive Verses"

Divinyls, "Pleasure and Pain" (I loved this song when I first heard it when I was in high school. That was a long, long time ago).

Catfish Haven, "Crazy For Leaving"

The Sharp Things, "There Will Be Violins"

Orenda Fink, "No Evolution"

These are some songs that I've been listening to for a few weeks. I meant to include them in one of my posts, but they slipped through.

Sara Culler, "At Least Like Melissa"

Gomez, "Notice"

Like Honey, "Airport"

Also, I found some Myspace artists I like:

Tac Buchannon and the Hobies He's so pretty--at least I think that's what he says.

The Submarines

This would be cool:

A Life Less Lived: A Gothic Box Set

Also, completely unrelated to music (except it's from Rhino's offices), this is me at work:

Voicemail Hell

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