Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Eight Songs I'm Loving This Week (despite having limited time, I just felt like writing about eight songs instead of five. I was told by a rabbit in a dream that my power would increase proportionately to the number of songs I post every week. I'm sure by next week exhaustion and lack of ambition will influence me to revert back to my normal five songs.)

Also I figured out how to post songs to the storage space I pay for (it's about time I start getting my $5/month worth). So, hopefully this will work better than EZArchive. If anyone has any problems, please let me know.

1) James Figurine, "55566688833"

This song has definitely been the highlight of my week. I figured I can listen to it three times in a row while walking on my break. It takes a really kick-ass song for me to replay it three times in a row (the last song I did that with was Anathallo's "A Great Wind More Ash", which is just plain infectious). This song's pretty infectious too. It seems to be about a guy who doesn't text message his girlfriend and they have to resort to fighting face to face "like it's the nineties all over again". I tell ya, I never got the hang of text messaging. I mean, I know how to do it, it just annoys the hell out me. You have to punch four times just for the letter S. I use a lot of S's! If I want punctuation, forget about it. I'd be here all day. (By the by: the song title stands for "L.O.V.E". Yes, I had to sit there and pretend-punch it in. Texting really is annoying).

I just started this song over again. I keep waiting for the female backing vocalist to start singing "S S S S A A A A F F F F E E E E T T T T Y Y Y Y ..."

If James Figurine were an animation, I wonder if he'd look like this.

His Myspace, His Label Site and Official Site

2) Jet, "Move On".

I don't want to post a song from "The OC Mix 1". I don't watch The OC. I don't want to be associated with The OC; however, they've chosen to associate themselves with music I love, and that just pisses me off. Scrubs, yes. OC, NO!

Oh well. I can't un-love my music just 'cause The OC has made bitches out of it. I do love this song. Jet is cool. (Their Myspace and Official Site)

Despite the hair, Jet are not British.

Jet's Myspace and Official Site

3) My Brightest Diamond, "Golden Star"

The band is really only one member: vocalist (aka singer) and instrumentalist (aka music player) Shara Worden. She brings on other musicians to record and play live, but essentially she's it. Some of the songs I've heard are a little too dramatic for me (what, too dramatic?) like if Tori Amos decided to take it up ten notches. However, I can't deny that her songs are very well-done and her playing and singing is fantastic. This song is awesome, in my world anyway. It starts off sounding like it's going to be one of those hard-edged masculine rockers, but it turns into a very subtle, layered, intense song that rolls forward, gathering momentum as her voice reaches higher and higher notes.

Shara Worden is perty. Her Myspace, Label Site and Website

4) The Stills, "Destroyer"

I should stop posting The Stills. I'm going to post so many of their songs that soon there will be no point in buying the album. Okay, if you do end up downloading the whole album, be good and buy something from the band--a poster, maybe. Like Rock-N-Roll, downloading is here to stay, but it'd be a nice gesture to support the band in some way. Anyways, I love this band--they're Canadian, they have a song with Lola in the title, and they rock extraordinarily. This song in particular will destroy you (in a good way).

If The Stills don't destroy you, they sure as hell will make sure you can't see when you go to take out the trash. (Their Myspace)

5) Broken Social Scene, "It's All Gonna Break"

As far as I know, none of the members of The Stills are in Broken Social Scene, but they're about the only East Canadian musicians who aren't. Members of Stars, The Arcade Fire, Feist, The Dears and The Weakerthans have been in this collection at some time. The name of the band is appropriate because the line-up changes regularly. The band does have two core members: Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning (though one site lists Charles Spearin instead of Canning), who began the "scene" as K.C. Accidental. I'm so glad they changed the name.

I know--I thought it was a cast photo for Dazed and Confused too. BSS's Label Site, Noise Factory Site and Myspace

6) Scott H. Biram, "Down Too Long"

It's like M. Ward went off the edge of sanity and hollered a song back up to us. Imagine what a song might sound like by a guy on a label called Bloodshot records who's so dedicated to his punkabilly music that he went on stage with the IV still in his arm three weeks after being hit head-on by a truck. I only wish I had that kind of bravery and dedication. Of course if I loved my job as much as this guy does, I might be able to do it. I'm about to sound very silly saying this but this is Grade "A" hollerin' and stompin' bluegrass/rockibilly with enough punk spirit to blur the lines between the genres. His Myspace and Official Website

Cover to Scott H. Biram's latest album, Graveyard Shift

7) Wolfgang "Not In Love (Not True)"

It starts off sounding like an Erasure song. Seriously. It sounds just like "Sometimes". Then it gets all techno-robot-y. I like it. I want to hear what it sounds like without the modulation. I bet it'd be a kickin' little synth song, a la the great Yaz. (His, er It's Myspace, It's Official Site)

Do robots prefer to be called "It" or a gender-based pronoun?

Wolfgang the Robot

8) Band Of Horses, "Monsters"

Yeah, I should stop posting this band too, but I luvs them! Luvs them, luvs them, luvs them.

Okay, I've been restrained. Okay, so I haven't. I couldn't type if I were being restrained. Unless a monkey were trained to type in my place. That would be awesome, except I wouldn't want to take care of a monkey. Maybe a sock money. Sock monkeys don't have hands, though, I don't think.

Anyways, I love Band of Horses. This is a great song. (Their Label Page, Myspace and Band Page)

"Why can't you stop writing about horses? Don't we get enough publicity? We just want to graze in peace."

In other news: I just got a new contact prescription a few months ago but using this laptop with it's tiny little letters makes me wish I could find some glasses to put on over the contacts to make my eyesight super-good. That was a very long sentence.

I will do another podcast eventually, but not tonight. As it is, I'm having to tape Mystery.

I know it's after ten at night, but I suddenly want coffee. Shoulda thought of that before I finished the post. Dangit.

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