Saturday, March 24, 2007


March 24th, 2007 #15, "Introducing Moxie"

Direct Download

Show Notes:

Lead-In Music: Postscript, "Untitled 2"

Hera, "Don't Play This" from
Her Website and Myspace

Postscript, "This Is" (from Fanatic Media)

The Northern Two Learning To Weld (mp3 directly from the band)
(No website listed)

Blonde Redhead, "23" (from, though I originally got it from Fingertips)
Myspace (not the bands, though, it seems)

Airliner, "Everything That's You" (from Labrador)
Couldn't find a website, but he has a listing on Last FM!

Roger O'Donnell, "For The Truth In You" (Dntel Remix) (from Artist Direct

His website confuses me :( I couldn't find a Myspace.

Whoa! I just read the bio! This is the Roger O'Donnell from The Cure! Well, I'll be flabbergasted! Cool!

Micah P. Hinson, "Jackeyed" (from SXSW)

His label's website

That's all for tonight--it's frickin' 11. I've been doing this for almost 12 hours straight (except for a few hours I spent walking). I'll have another blog entry next week and another podcast in two weeks.

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