Saturday, November 03, 2007

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

British Sea Power, "Atom"

There's something very energizing about this song. It makes me want to sing along and perhaps pour beer on a crowd of people...preferably people I know who might be annoyed by my action, but won't beat me up and/or kill me. It makes me feel like people who really like sports must feel when their team wins a really big game. I feel really celebratory. Perhaps like Britain felt during the height of their sea power? Anyhow, I first heard about British Sea Power many many years ago when I became obsessed with their song "Childhood Memories" (video). Seriously, I played that song hundreds of times. I don't remember ever writing about it. I think it might've been one of the songs that was the impetus for me starting an mp3 blog.


The members of British Sea Power are proud, like their name would imply.

Henry Morgans Solokarriar, "Faces From My Hometown"

He sounds a little like Bright Eyes, but I can forgive it in this case. The song itself flows so well--I love the melody and the spry keyboards and guitar--the music is so clean and uncluttered. As someone who lives in clutter, I'm especially appreciative of this song's lack of incumberance.


The lone member of Henry Morgans Solokarriar

Pinback, "Walters"

Their name implies that they're death metal spawned from the depths of a horror film night, but they're not. This song is actually extremely laid back. It's folk music with a fuzzed-out guitar (my favorite kind of guitar). I guess you could call it Freak Folk without a whole lot of freak, and not really a whole lot of folk, either. It floats somewhere in between these descriptions, much like the title character floats 3 miles above in his lawn chair. Yes, that's what I typed.


I guess if the pins are in their back, we wouldn't see them in this picture.


Victims of Science, "The Device Has Been Modified"

I don't really know where this song came from, but Jonathan Coulton linked to it on his blog. I can't find any information on the band (person?), but JoCo seems to imply that the person who made it is the same person who uploaded it, so I feel pretty safe linking to it, also.


Remember how I posted a Brad Sucks song last week? Yeah, I think he's awesome, too. Anyway, he's giving anyone who has a microphone and a computer the chance to sing backup on a new song of his. I should have time to do it tomorrow, and as most of you know, I'm not hesitant to try to get myself on podcasts/web blogs or anywhere I can feel sort of famous for a minute. To make it easier (I wouldn't be able to do it without these), he's provided the lyrics for us.

Podcast sometime tomorrow!!!

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