Saturday, November 10, 2007

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Yoav, "Beautiful Lie"

Sigh...pretty, hypnotic and British. Yes, the song's nice too..(hee hee). The song's gorgeous...beautiful. The guitar is so light it seems to spring from the song. The song spirals around you until you're not sure how to get out of it's hold. Do you want to, though?


The music is just as gorgeous as Yoav.

West Indian Girl, "To Die In L.A."

I love how this song starts out with sort of an Indian sound then totally melts into psychedelia. I'm generally not much of a Polyphonic Spree type of person (which is the band I think of when I think of modern psychedelia) but I love the sonic overload of this song. It's enough to make me glad I have those really big headphones. Of course some of the sonic extravagance went away once I turned off the version also playing on Myspace. They're definitely deserving of the attention they're getting.


West Indian Girl, photo taken by Gregg Lewis and posted on KCRW's site.

Peter & The Wolf, "Where Summer Goes" (Link courtesy of Rock Insider which sponsored an event with the band).

I wrote about Peter & The Wolf recently (like three weeks ago), but this is such a lovely song I wanted to include it. It's a beautiful bookend of a song. I'm not sure what it's a bookend to, but it feels like a very wonderful ending to something great. It's not a sad ending, though--it's more like the kind of ending that makes you look forward to the next beginning.


Peter and the Wolf, traveling band.


Hee hee! I'm a little behind in reading my Myspace comments. I got a happy birthday coment from the band The English Beat! I love the internet. I know they probably have some program that tells them when it's a fan's birthday, but still--I feel very special right now. Watch this awesome mix of General Public's "Tenderness" with Rihanna.General Public was an offshoot of The English Beat.

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