Sunday, April 05, 2009

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

**Show notes for Podcast ep 68 are in the post below this one, and some live videos are in the post below that one**

It's a bit of a short post this week--I just realized the second song I was going to write about isn't so free. I forgot I actually paid for it. Oot!
I've also posted some live videos in one of the posts before this one, and of course the podcast show notes.

Chris Bathgate, "Serpentine"

Quick! Listen to this song once without paying attention to the lyrics., isn't that relaxing? Such a pretty song...gentle humming vocals, rhythmic, sharp staccato piano--the repetitive notes capturing your attention, distracting you from whatever worries the world would otherwise bring you. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon by the pay attention to the lyrics. You start to sense the true theme of the song, and it's not hammocks and picnic tables. He puts the phrase "tired tarnish in [his] chest" in the same line as a mention of SARS. His "thoughts swirl in some shrill sad cannonade". He asks if his name stings someone's tongue. Ouch! The lyrics are brusque, abrasive, harsh and kind of a downer. But, if you really think about it--the staccato manner of the music fits this word clash. The meshing of non-fitting words in a lyric like "One brash phrase cut crush these fragile days" is complimented by the mash-up of stark piano and comparatively mellow vocals. If you want to go back to the way it was, before the lyrics sneaked into your brain, you could try. Lean back on the grass, look up at the blue, cloudless sky and drift...don't let the shock get ya though, when you wake up with a "spur caused [your] throat to creak". Ouch, indeed.

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Photo by Jennifer Lapsley

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