Saturday, May 23, 2009

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Diane Birch, "Fire Escape"

Diane Birch's Daytrotter Session (live, free, legal mp3s)
Rolling Stone article
Her Myspace (She links to her song "Rise Up" which is the free single of the week on iTunes)

I have never heard anyone sound so much like Carole King since, well, Carole King...

Elizabeth and the Catapults, "Taller Children" (The mp3 is labeled incorrectly. I listened to "Taller Children" on their Myspace, though, and it's the same song).


They are tall children indeed...almost as tall as those skyscrapers!

A song I've been obsessed with the last few days is "The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel. I couldn't find a free, legal mp3, but here's a Youtube clip. Unfortunately I couldn't find an actual video. Just someone putting up lyrics. I heard the song on the season finale of Scrubs, and I just started crying. I've decided I'm either playing it as I walk down the aisle (if I ever get married) or it'll be the first dance. It's a Magnetic Fields cover. There's just something raw about Peter Gabriel's voice that scrapes out all of the heartwrecking emotion of the song.

Peter Gabriel, "Book of Love"

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