Sunday, August 30, 2009

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

**Note: I'm going to be at the wonderful Dragon*Con next weekend (a week from now), so I'm going to put up my bi-weekly podcast early (probably Wednesday) and I'm not going to do a regular post like this one.

Fink, "Sort of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)"


"I can't hear you...I can't hear you...Oh! This is my song playing! Alright!"

Peggy Sue "Lover Gone"


Ees alright...the margarita special at House of Burritos is over, but come back tomorrow for two-for-one tacos!

Grand Archives, "Oslo Novelist"

Label Site (More mp3s available here)

Usually when you have a lone cabin in the woods, you only have one creepy looking guy. Here you have four! Now that's value...
(Photo credit: Hilary Harris)

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