Saturday, January 29, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I spent hours trying to figure out which website I got this song from, but I can't find it. I've looked at every single music website I have in both my browsers. I must've gotten it from some strange place that even the most seasoned, hard-boiled detective couldn't find. Oh well. Here's a stream. Song number one is:

Lioness, and it's by a band from Chicago called Caviar. I've never heard of them before yesterday (though I downloaded it at least a week ago), but I love this song. There's a stream of the song at the bottom left of the website. The song reminds me of The Thompson Twins--if The Thompson Twins were American and formed in the 00's.

Next song is Make Out Music For the Emotionally Impaired, by Beltline. This song is absolutely wonderful. It's not a heavy song, it's one of those airy, hypnotic songs I like. It might be best not to listen to it while driving.

The next two songs are videos. I looked everywhere for an mp3 of this song--mainly because I loved the song and wanted it on my mp3 player. I can't go to Musicmatch right now because of financial issues. I also wanted to be able to link to a download in case anyone is interested. It was not meant to be, though, so here's a link to the video for Chocolate, Snow Patrol. (Speaking of which--no! No! I will not eat the candy bar in the kitchen!)

The second video is for a song from an album I've had for over a year, but it's a band I really like, and the video is nice. The name is We Will Become Silhouettes, and it's by The Postal Service. It's directed by the guy who directed Napoleon Dynamite. Alas, no out of control afros. Just some disturbing 60's nuclear family imagery.

And lastly, we have Virginia Don't Drown, by Chin Up Chin Up. I just like this song. It's cool. It's strange.

Time to go get my hair cut.

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