Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm working on getting this blog looking the way I'd like it to. I have a few obstacles; one being that I have absolutely 0 HTML training and very little knowledge of how it works. I've been coasting on the knowledge that I can safely replace any text that's not in brackets. Yes, that is the secret of HTML. In other words, if I don't have a template, I'm screwed. But I do have a template, and hopefully I can't damage too much by playing with it. (Headline tomorrow: Blogger inexplicably brought down by one ignorant user. Livejournal cancels her account out of fear.)

So, I'm trying to plug in some of my favorite music links. What I don't know about HTML, I make up in pop-culture knowledge.

My next project with blogger is trying to change the colors of text. I was trying to change the "comments" link color and I ended up changing everything to yellow. I mean, I love Coldplay and all, but enough yellow.

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