Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (another "lola is tired" edition)

Warning: My commentary is more lame than last week's 'cause I'm tired as hell. What is making me so tired? No overtime. I didn't do anything after work. I dunno.

Mobius Band, "Twilight" Any song that uses the lyrics "I will keep my shitty office job" is a cool song.

I have a thing for trippy masculine lyrics. The more electronic, the better. This is one of those songs. One might say a quintessential Lola song. The name of the band is Maybe Smith, and the song is "Everyone Ruins Something." Click on "media" on the left, and the mp3s will come up. If I've posted this before, I apologize. I like all the other songs I've heard by them, also.

This is from 2002 (eesh I can be behind sometimes), but I like the song. I'm posting a link to the video because I couldn't find an mp3 . Anyways, it's by Steve Almaas & Ali Smith, and it's called "Moving In Your Sleep"

Nice song! I saw their video for Jetsetter and liked it, but this song is a little less kitschy. It's called"9thdegree" (look towards the end of the post) and it's by Morningwood.

Yay! I've spent an hour looking for an mp3 of this song! Go me! I wanted it because I downloaded a more recent acoustic version, and, well, I didn't like it. If you listen to this version, though, you will hear the song that ruled my 11th grade existence. Retro-active link: The Church, "Under the Milky Way"

I can't remember if I've posted this before (and it's too late in the evening for me to search through my blog). I'm direct linking to this mp3 because most of the mp3 links on the page don't work, and rather than having everyone guess which one I'm referring to, I'll just posting directly to it. Hopefully the mp3 police won't catch on. Watch out for pop-ups, by the way. The Linger Effect, "I am a Watercolour (Water Soluble mix by Iron Monkey)"

It's entirely possible that I've posted this song before, (maybe even last week), but I'm tired, and I like it. Listen to it again if you've heard it before. It's called "Sway," and it's by The Perishers.

Dave Grohl's teeth are really white, and I bet that microphone is soaked.

Some extras:

Though this hasn't blown me away like 2002's Ágætis Byrjun, this is still a Sigur Ros album, and therefore is well-deserving of our humble admiration. Stream their new album Takk

Two really nice Sinead O'Connor songs available for streaming from Filter magazine. They're not new songs, but they're from her upcoming collection of collaberations. The first one is "Special Cases", and it's with Massive Attack. The second is with Peter Gabriel, and it's called "Blood of Eden."

That's all. I'm dying crashing now. I may've done more than five songs. I don't care.

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