Sunday, August 21, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (and One Awesome Halloween Song)


I'm mentioning this first because I actually found it after I'd finished my Five Songs list, so it's a bonus. It's such an awesome bonus, though, that it's going first. Sorry other
bands. You just have to wait.

If Tim Burton had had the idea to record "Do They Know It's Christmas", (and let's be honest--his hair is similar to Bob Geldof's. Is it too much to imagine?) it might've turned out like this. In fact, I'm sure the inspiration for the title is from that seminal song. This particular song, with proceeds going to charity also, is called "Do They Know It's Halloween?". The lineup of musicians is known as North American Hallowe'en Prevention, Inc. If you don't believe in the power of a great Halloween song, and don't want to take a chance downloading it, stream it here. You'll thank me!

Nice song, and I will have you all know I spent fifteen minutes searching for an already posted mp3, because I don't want to abuse yousendit. Plus it just looks better if it comes from an actual website. I originally got this song from Ben Loves Music, but as usual I was too slow. The song, I'm sure, is long gone from his site, but this site kindly is still hosting it. The song is "Shut Your Eyes," and the band is called Shout Out Louds. Once again, I'm convinced that Sweden rocks more than almost any other country (don't smirk. I'll sic the dude from Soundtrack of Our Lives on you. He talks about killin' people.)

I'm really loving this song. When it came up on my mp3 player, I knew I wouldn't have any problems remembering it. It left an impression on me. The music is like a mixture of the neo-new wave (that is odd--new new wave) that I like so much and some of less classifiable independent music I listen to. One could draw comparisons to Dogs Die in Hot Cars or Stellastar. I wouldn't argue too much. The name of the band is Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (I love band names that double as commands), and the song is "In This Home On Ice."

I hope I haven't posted this song before. I don't believe I have, but then again I've been made a monkey out of before (eh, the lyrics mention that. I thought it was funny. I think alot of stuff is funny. It's generally not, but I think it is.) Anyway, I was predisposed to like this band, being an English Major, and all. I was most pleased to discover I like the song. The name of the band is...duh duh duh...The English Department, and the song is "Volume."

I originally heard this next band, Hello Saferide, through Said The Gramophone, who featured the person behind this band, Annika Norlin, recently. Of course I'm too late to actually be able to post a working link from that site, so I'm forced to yousendit again. I'd prefer to post an actual link, but in some cases I don't have a choice. I googled, and googled, and slaved, and searched...nothin'. Anyways, the name of the song is "Teen Line." It's a cover, but I'd never heard it before. The original was done by a band called Jeans. Also, here's her website. She has two other songs available for download.

My retro-active song is a song that's meant a lot to me since I first heard it 11 years ago. Most people don't know that Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element) is a musician and songwriter, but she is. She's an extraordinary songwriter; one that unfortunately only produced one album. It's a spectular album, though. Here's "The Gentleman Who Fell," from the CD The Divine Comedy. This is only one of the great songs on this CD. I am not kidding you; I don't joke about divine music.

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