Sunday, January 15, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I've been on Myspace alot lately, and it's going to show. (blame my friends and the guy I'm dating--they started Myspace accounts) and it's going to show in this music post; I found three of the bands through that site.

I spammed my boyfriend's IM and his Myspace with the lyrics to The Apparitions "God, Robot, Monkey". At first I couldn't find the mp3; I just had to be happy with their myspace page, but then through the miracle that is hype standard, I found an MP3 of the song at I Guess I'm Floating! Yay! Everyone Holler! Whoo hoo! (Oops. I hacked up something there. Sorry.) Anyways, listen to the song and I would be surprised if you weren't spamming your friends with the lyrics. Listen to all the songs on the myspace page, actually--they're all awesome.

I love the music in "It Never Changes To Stop" by The Books; It's beautiful, languid, trippy and slows my brain functioning to a more reasonable level. In other words it's everything I look for in an instrumental. I'm not too thrilled with the oration in the middle, but that's just my opinion. It doesn't mar a lovely song. can download the songs from Cinema, Cinema's Myspace. That makes me happy. I've had them on my friends list for awhile, but they used to be known as Evan Gold (the singer/guitarist) and imagine my surprise when I started seeing blog entries from this band. I'm glad to have been reminded of them, though. I hadn't listened to them in awhile and I'd forgotten how good they are. Listen/download all the songs, but I especially like Born in NYC and Four Alarm.

Speaking of Myspace, as I have been since I started this post, another band I found (actually through The Apparitions website, I think) is The Scourge of the Sea. Unfortunately I haven't found a download for these songs yet, but listen to the two they have up. I especially love "Water Wings". I'm not counting them as part of the five songs since I don't have an actual download.

I found a pretty, acoustic song on Six Eyes (which isn't surprising because I find all kinds of beautiful and otherwise wonderful songs on Six Eyes. This particular song is called "Farther On" and it's by Vetiver. It reminds me of the sort of folk songs being made in the 60s. You know--the truly folk songs, not the psychadelic songs (though I like those, too).

Lastly, I have Bionic Systems Go, "Up in Flames". It's a beautiful song; acoustic, slightly folky, slightly ambient. The vocals slide in and out and the instruments are loud but never harsh. This may be a perfect song. I'd suggest downloading all the songs available by them.

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