Monday, January 23, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Yes, most of the time I have the expression of the guy on the left. Sometimes I have the
slightly melancholy, slightly defiant expression of the man in the middle. Sometimes I wear weirdly colored clothes like the man on the right. I would say that this picture encompasses the many moods of most people. However, the way the picture looks isn't really the point of the paragraph. The point of the paragraph isn't alliteration, either; it's to point these songs out to you . Whoever you are. I like these songs-- I especially like "Cathedrals".

As much as I love beer and wine, it never would've occured to me to name a band Drunk. Then again, I don't need any encouragement to drink, so it's best for me not to be in a band named "Drunk". When the music is as pretty as in the song "Drunk Bed", though, it really doesn't matter what the band is named. All that matters is the song. Though apparently played by a lush, the guitar is beautifully sparse--kind of Southwestern (eh, don't listen to me--I'm drunk. I don't know what I mean by that). The song isn't busy with too much instrumentation, just the guitar being lightly picked and hushed vocals. A very good song to listen to when you find yourself in the dark at your computer after having been sitting the same spot for two hours.

Posted with the Drunk song (can a song be intoxicated? Can a song be sober? Contemplate) is a song by a band called Ida. The song is "Blizzard of '78" and while it's poppier than the previous song, it's a very well-done, well -constructed poppy song. The structure remains tight and the tension escalates the song. The two vocalists (female and male) blend well together and they carry the song well along with the instrumentation.

Accordian! Slightly Middle-Eastern flair! Witness Exchange says they're not prone to posting odd music for odd music's sake, and this certainly is not a gratuitous posting. The name of the band is Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores, and the song is called "Black Tar and White Slavery". Slightly strange, yes. Engaging, yes. I'd say download all the ones from their site.

Lastly, we have "Don't Leave" by Frankel. It kind of sounds like an alt-country Elliot Smith song. It's slow, light but very moving. It's a very melancholy, beautiful song.

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