Sunday, January 29, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Tonight is the "Lola is so tired that her organs are falling out from exhaustion" edition. Yes, I know I play that repeat every week. Leave me alone--I don't like my job and I have to wake up at 5:00 am every weekday morning. Oh that makes me tired just thinking about it. I am planning on getting another job, though. I got halfway through filling out an application for an advisor's position at the junior college (Go me! Halfway through! Another week and I may finish!). Eh. Stop fussing at me. (Don't look at me like that--I can tell you're fussing even though I have no idea who's reading this right now).

Tonight I have some very beautiful songs, and I will share them. Because I'm that kind of girl. (In exchange, whoever wants to pay my $156 power bill can). I'm not entirely sure where I got this song from, but I was cleaning out all the mp3s from my desktop (I got halfway finished. Leave me alone--I'm tired. I don't like my job and I have to wake up at 5:00 am every morning. I'm grouchy.) and I just decided to hit play just to see what this song from this weirdly named band was about. The band is The Lesser Birds of Paradise (I wouldn't mind being any bird in paradise) and the song, "The Magnet In You" turned out to be awesome and I'm not ashamed (or weirded out) to say that I played it all evening long. I mean I was doing other things (balancing my almost empty checking account, talking on the phone to my mom, IMing people, replying on livejournal ) so it's not like I was listening intently each of the hundred times it played, but the first twenty (and perhaps a few times in the middle) I did listen very closely to it. The melody is gorgeous and the sentiment seems all too familiar and will resonate with most anyone.

I can thank Veronica Mars for another song I played dozens and dozens of times. I dare you not to love it and obsess over it. Okay, so I'm not going to bet actual money because I don't have any--I had a small snafu with my checking account; did I mention I'm tired?--but I still dare ya. It's beautiful, it's gorgeous and honestly I should've known about it before now because I know all music-wise and I know the Old 97s. Whatever, I won't beat myself up over it. I'm too tired to beat myself up. The song is "Adelaide" and it's by The Old 97s. It's the first mp3 on the page.

I've played Windsor For the Derby before; they're one of my favorite bands and it's one of those cases where each song is so gorgeous and unique that each deserves it's own post. I've had "Giving Up" (click on "discography" --Link is at the very bottom.) since sometime last year, and it never stops making me stop what I'm doing to listen. Much like my favorite Windsor song, "Melody of the Fallen Tree", this song will cause me to freeze whatever I'm doing if it comes on. That's not such a great thing when I'm crossing a busy street, but most moments it's a perfect response. I also really like "Now I Know the Sea" (There's an excerpt but there's also a full version available).

I want to die now. I want all of the samplers from this site. I want to run this site. I want to be this site.

Hotel Lights, "You Come and I Go" is an absolutely lovely song (what--did you think I rocked out all the time? Only when I'm alone and channel my inner Joan Jett). So, yes, this is one of those beautiful songs that I listen to at night while a candle burns on my desk and my thoughts turn to the future or dwell in memories. (Oh my God my brain just got hijacked by the ghost of emo past). Yes, I'm a brooder, but I hunt emo kids for pleasure. So, "You Come and I Go" is a great song for those who brood or those who love modern folk. I happen to be both.

Okay, since I've had absolutely no reflective, piano-driven ballads in this post, my last song will be this spectacular song by David Fridlund called "Into My Arms." It starts of soft and slow, with just the piano and shortly after, an organ. The music builds, gathering a full band (even some electric guitar and...horns? I can't tell if those are keyboards or actual horns) and some insistent vocals by Mr. Fridlund. The song's a cover, but he sings it as if he wrote it and the band plays as if they wrote each piece of the song. (The song can also be found at his site.)

Heh. Here's the point in the post where I realize I've already posted at least one of these songs :) far not. I don't see any sign that I have...(shhh...if I have, just let me blissfully ignorant. It's rare I get to enjoy relatively fallout-free ignorance).


Alan Williamson said...

oh how i wish i could get up at 5 am!! i get up at 4:20 am each weekday. it's fun getting to work when it's pitchblack, isn't it?

Lola said...

I have to carry a flashlight, and yet another weekend went by where I forgot to buy deflectors. I was told by a few people at work that since I walk from the bus stop to work and it's pitch black, I need to sew on some deflectors or something. Apparently my flashlight isn't enough to announce my presence anymore.

One thing about getting to work in the dark is it's a really beautiful time to be outside. I can see the moon really well, and what few stars that are visible.

Man, aren't you tired? I'm up past my bedtime 'cause I needed to finish the post.

Alan Williamson said...

yes, i'm kind of tired, but i can get by on 5 to 6 hours a night... and do. it's nice to see the moon, but where i work i can't see outside, no windows. until i get a break it still feels like it's dark outside.