Sunday, April 02, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I first heard Willie Mason on In House With Jeremy Petersen, and of course my first thought was "Wasn't he a baseball player"? (I think that was Willie Mays--I don't know--I get confused). Anyways, if he plays baseball, that's fine--as long as he keeps writing songs like "Oxygen" (look beneath Beth Orton's picture). He was purportedly discovered by Mr. Warble-Voice, Conor Oberst, when Oberst heard him on a small radio station. Anyhow, I like it--his voice is manipulated a little, which can be good if it fits the song (which I think it does here) and the song has an intensity to it I like.

I heard "The Sun Comes Through" by Kelley Stoltz on one of the many podcasts I listen to (okay, In House again) and I immediately caught on to how good it is. I wasn't content with just having the song on a 30 + minute podcast, so I searched for my very own version that I could play again and again (and eventually I will buy the CD--one step at a time). Oh, I don't know what language that's supposed to be on the blogger thingy, or if the characters really represent a language or is a made up Microsoft language. Anyhow, luckily the mp3 title is in English.

The next song makes me sad, but it's a familiar kind of sad. Someone screwed someone over, and now they're sorry, and apparently there's someone else involved who's not a nice person, and is in fact a "Skeleton Key". It's an old story, but this is a very new song; one I like a lot. The violin is an exceptionally lovely touch. The band is named, yes I'm serious: Margot & The Nuclear So So's. No, I don't know what that means.

Margot & The Nuclear So So's (from Myspace)

The last song is a beautiful song by someone with a name that must've put a lot of pressure on the owner when he was younger :) The name of the song is "The Only Night" and the musician is named Ian Love. He says there's "no one in the world but you and I" and I say "Okay".

Ian Love, Self-Titled Album Cover

Bonus: I'm including two songs that I cannot find mp3s for. They're so good, though, that I'm breaching my usual "no mp3, no inclusion" creed. I wanted to include the first because it's so pretty. I had it on my myspace profile, and I didn't want to take it off. I usually switch the song every two days but I let this one hang on a little bit longer. Plus the singer commented on my Myspace, and that made me happy. It's a beautiful song; it's by Jenda Wight and it's called "Searching for You" (it's the second song on her profile).

I wanted to include the last because it's so damn good. It's called "Snakes in the Grass" and it's by Essex Green. I've found a dozen other mp3s by them, but I like this song the most (for now, anyway) and I want to post this song! (Stamps foot on the ground. Hurts foot.)

Oh, I give up on GCast. I tried to make an 80's "podcast", but now not only will it not work in podcasting software, it wouldn't let me download using the larger download button. It's possible to either download each individual song (right click on the little mp3 button to the left of each song and click "save as") or listen to each song using Garage Band's software (click the little green arrow button). Also, the little mini-player in the top right of the page will start playing an old playlist; hit stop/pause on that. If someone can get the whole playlist (aka podcast) to download, let me know--it wouldn't work for me--it just downloads something that takes a second. Oohhh...but what's this? Worth investigating.

That's all for this week. I'll try to do some more stuff during the week, but I get so tired...(lays hand across forehead dramatically).


Queen of Sheba said...

Damn! Margot & The Nuclear So-So's are coming to TT's right in my neighborhood, but I'm gonna be in San Francisco then. Damn, damn, damn.

Lola said...

Man, that would be so awesome. At least you get cool people coming to your neighborhood. We only get cool bands maybe once a year, and I'm afraid I missed this year's cool band (OK Go came and I didn't find out until a few minutes before they started. I want to see the Million Reasons dance in person!)