Sunday, April 30, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Ooh...this is the fun part of my music post. This is the part where I get to find out which website I got each song from. Generally I try to make a note of it: when I write the song down I'll put beside it "from Good Weather", "from Chromewaves" or just to challenge myself, something completely unintelligible which usually turns out to mean "downloaded it from musicmatch". This time I apparently just seemed intent on getting the songs written down. I've got plenty of songs, but not where nary a one comes from (wow...I just channeled some distant relative).

I do know I heard The Weepies from Myspace. The name of the band leaves a little bit to be desired (I always want to put eye drops in my eyes whenever I think of it) but the songwriting is very accomplished, and particularIy "Gotta Have You" is a very lovely front-porch kind of alt-country song. If the Dixie Chicks got very introspective with their songwriting, they might write songs like this one.

Peter Walker's song "What Do I Know". is about as opposite from The Weepies as you can get without being hip-hop. I like a lot of different styles--alt-country, guitar-oriented indie music and occasionally really cheesy 80s music (don't tell--ah hell; everyone already knows). Anyhow, this squarely falls into the guitar-oriented indie categorly. It's short and it doesn't relent, and is all the better for it. The song reminds me of something Ted Leo would do, which equals an endorsement from me.

Peter Walker, from his site

This is a pretty awesome song. It's called "Pulaski Heights" and the band is Venice is Sinking. Cool name, huh? Also, I'm not just bragging because I'm from Georgia, but man, Athens has a very impressive musical outcropping. There are so many good bands there. I'm sure there are bad bands, too, but Athens knows how to weed those out, I'm sure. The violin in this song is absolutely awesome. The whole song, from the opening guitar parts to the end with the voices blending, backs me into the wall and doesn't relent. It's impossible to ignore this song. Their website is Venice Is Sinking, and their Myspace is listed below.

Venice Is Sinking, from their Myspace

Though my infatuation with the White Stripes ended with their first album ("Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" is still a kick-ass song), I read a few articles on his side project, The Raconteurs and was interested to hear them. I knew that Brendon Benson was in the band also, and I just think he's awesome. So, I listened to a few of their songs, and hey--they're pretty kick-ass, too! I'm quite fond of "Intimate Secretary" (I'm only going to keep this up about a month. All cease and desist letters need to go to )

Um...Song number five is gone because it's been removed from all the other sites I saw it on, and I get nervous. So, instead I'll go ahead and post this song. I was going to wait until next week, but now's a good time. I've never heard My Chemical Romance (Omigod they just look they're trying so hard to be goth-emo) but I like String Quartet's version of their song "I'm Not Okay, I Promise". Now I have to listen to the original (damn goth-emo children).

String Quartet, A Tribute To My Chemical Romance

The End

Also, Podcast! I meant to write out the entire playlist on there, but I accidently hit enter. Oops.

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