Sunday, April 09, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

It's Sunday. Sunday is music day--the day I listen to music and write my music post. Today it's also "I didn't get much sleep last night and I feel like I'm gagging" day, paying bills day, tallying up amount of money I've spent during the last week and making tea day. I'll let y'all guess which two I'm looking forward to.

So, while my tea is brewing I'll go on to enjoyable thing no. 2: I'm going to write my music post. I've got a lot of great songs. I only listened to new songs this week so I would be sort of prepared for this week's post. Well, I did find at least a dozen great songs. I just forgot to write them down. So I'm going to queue up the 88 songs I downloaded this week and try to figure out which ones I wanted to post.

I do know of a few offhand.

The first one is by one of several musicians I like named Matt. No, "Several Musicians I Like Named Matt" is not the band name, but hey...that would be a cool band name. I don't know what it is about the name Matt, but I know of several musicians with the name: M. (Matt Ward), Matt Pond, one of the guys from Aqualung is named Matt, Matthew Sweet and Matt Sharp, to name some of my favorites. There are tons more that I sort of like. I'd heard Matt Costa's name before, but not wanting to be crushed under the weight of too many Matts, I didn't pursue finding out information about him.

Matt Costa, album cover, Songs We Sing

Well, I was listening to Fingertips, and one of the songs was "Cold December". I only heard part of it before I was forced to move yet another Matt to the top of the Mattlist. I would hazard that he's only slightly behind M. Ward and Matt Pond in the top Matts of all time.

Okay, so I like two songs equally. I couldn't decide which one. "Cold December" is just so dang, uh, what's a word that doesn't make me sound like a total sap? Uh, uplifting? No, that's sappy. Uh...bright? So sappy. Okay, it gets me out of my depressed "I'm so sad even my music has chronic depression" mode. It makes me happy (Man, I should just join the Partridge Family, what will all my joyous adjectives). The other song I've been listening to is "Darling Be Home Soon". It's just gorgeous. Beautiful and gorgeous.

Another beautiful and gorgeous song is "Quiet Song" by Josh Rouse. I first saw the video for this last week on MTV2's Subterranean. I can't begin to say how many new songs I hear through this one program. Alot of the videos they play are just too sophomoric for me, but at least once or twice in a broadcast they'll bowl me over. I first heard Regina Spektor through Subterranean and I think Arcade Fire. Anyways, I had to search through pages and pages of google listings before I could finally a copy. It was worth it, though.

I know this album has been out for awhile, but I haven't had a chance to buy it (okay, so I'm broke) and I haven't heard much of the album. Just one song really, and I didn't even know it was them. This song kept coming up on my mp3 player, and the lyrics were "Why don't you walk away, why don't you walk away..." I thought it was a pretty nifty song and I thought it was by Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah or one of those newer wave bands coming out now. After the tenth or so time listening to it, I finally looked to see who it was. It was Franz Ferninand! I had heard something from the new album and just hadn't realized it.

The song's called ironically "Walk Away". At first the lyrics came off as kind of cocky to me; "I love it when you walk away", but as is the form in pop songs, he redeemed himself later by saying he wanted to love it when the person walked away, but of course he really wants the person to come back, ya da ya da.

Actually, I am remembering what I wanted to post. It's all coming back to me. I can cancel the appointment to the doctor; I do not have amnesia. I do have insomnia, but that doesn't cause me to forget things (unless I'm really tired).

The fourth song--okay, it makes me happy as hell. If hell can be happy, then I'm that happy. It just makes me want to be eight years old, though ithat would be kind of a weird feeling 'cause I have a thing for the singer. (Eew--shades of the movie Kids all over again). Anyways, I've posted about Great Lake Swimmers before. They're an awesome band; the music is so good it shimmers (betcha haven't heard that description before). The cd case even shimmers; that's how spectacular their music is. I just found this song recently, however, and it is not on the CD I have. Since I downloaded it last week, I've listened to it numerous times a day. Just 'cause I can never remember how the cow goes. Damn Amnesia. The name of the song is "See You On The Moon" and it just makes me giddy. If I can wrangle up enough money, I'd like to buy the CD this is from. I want to be a veteranarian.

Sufjan Stevens
I'd had a picture which really showed off his pretty eyelashes, but I can't find it.

The last song is by an artist I've resisted liking. I have the aggravating tendency to pull away from a band if they get too hyped, so even though everyone (and even the animals from the previous song) were squeeing about Sufjan Stevens I dismissed him with a nod. Alliteration in proper nouns is so passe, anyway. Plus I'd heard a few of his songs and wasn't exceptionally thrilled. Then I decided to give him another chance 'cause I don't want to be the type of person who makes music choices based on what other people think (I'm scolding myself now), so I downloaded a few of those songs.

Well, "Chicago" (live) was one of those songs. I knew his album was a concept album, which was just weird to me anyway. The CD Illinois has songs all about, yet, Illinois. He's supposed to do that for all the states. That's just weird. And time consuming. Anyway, so while I was trying not to roll my eyes, I listened to the song. And I liked it. Liked it alot. Damn him and his pretty eyelashes and weird concept for an album.

Stars, Set the Night On Fire

Bonus! I've been wanting to post this song for months and months and months (and maybe even a month before that) but I couldn't find an mp3 of it. I want to buy the record, but you know how it is. I will eventually. For now, though, I found a copy of Stars' "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead". Whoot! Whoot! (Okay, I'll be calm down. I think I need to go to bed like at six tonight).

I can't stop downloading... I think I have an illness. I need a new harddrive.

Band name of the week: Sounds of (Kaleidoscope)

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