Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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Schedule for my vacation:

I will be off the interwaves beginning the weekend of March 12th. I'll have one more blog post before then, but I won't have any more podcasts until the end of March. I'll be back with a new blog post and podcast the weekend of March 24th.


1) Cezanne, "I've Got So Much" (from a Media site called Fanatic. I can't find it on the site, so here's the direct download. Cezanne's Myspace.

2) Miho Hatori, "Barracuda" (from LastFM).
Miho's Website.

3) Quien Es Boom, "Brittle Britches" (Oops--I got the band and title mixed up on the podcast). From Audiofile. Their Website .

4) Albert Hammond Jr., "In Transit" (from Audiofile). Albert's Myspace.

5) Narrator, "Panic At Puppy Beach" (from Insound). Their label website.

6) Apostle At Hustle, "My Sword Hand's Anger" (From Salon's Audiofile) They have label's website and Myspace. Wow...almost all of these came from Audiofile. I've gotta learn to spread the wealth a little.

7) Canasta, "Imposter"

8) Canasta, "Shadowcat" (both from their website)
Canasta's Myspace

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