Sunday, February 11, 2007


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This podcast is on the mellow side--good for drifting off to sleep; not so good for exercising.

Myspace is still down, so I'll try to post my blog entry and podcast on that site tomorrow.

Show Notes:

Dragonfly Dying, "The Uncertain"
They have seven songs available on
Their website

Please Quiet Ourselves, "Seven Chord 2" from Myspace and Mushpot Records

Sad Android, "Broken Flowers" from Myspace and from an e-mail from the band (aren't I special?)

Spokane "Temporary Things" from their label site

North Atlantic Explorers, "When My Ship Comes In" from their website. I posted this
last ONLY because it's eight minutes long. It's one of my favorite songs out there. It reminds me of Sigur Ros. What a coincidence: One of the members plays with Jonathon, Inc.! I posted that band a few months ago.

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