Saturday, January 05, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Celebration, "Evergreen"

The more I hear this song, the more I absolutely adore it. Her voice is a smoother Johnette Napolitino's, capable of blending low and high notes so effortlessly that I'm looking to see if this is Siouxsie Sioux's new band. It's not Siouxsie, and it's not Concrete Blonde. It's a band out of Baltimore with a sound so magical, so tribal that I feel like I'm listening to Siouxsie for the first time. The singer, Katrina Ford, has a voice that glides, swoops, trills, dives and then flips back on itself. Her voice is a feat itself--the complementing music is a bonus. The drums beat out as ferociously as she sings--pushing out the tense melody as quickly as it rolls from the singer's tongue. The guitar beats up against the drum, but keeps itself at bay. Ultimately, the instruments are there to support the fierce and strong vocals.

(See the end of the post for the video)


Celebration is hiding something behind their backs. What could it be? Candy? That would be awesome.

Priscilla Ahn, "Dream"

Sometimes a song is so unabashedly beautiful, deceptively simple and fresh that I become embarrassed. I feel shame for the way I complain, for the way I've buzzed by my surroundings, burned through my days, looking only towards going home, getting the day over with, not looking around me. Priscilla Ahn is looking at her past, her present and her future. She captures images of herself as a little girl, a young woman and as a wisened older woman. I don't think that even the most cynical person could not tear up a little when Priscilla Ahn sings that she asked God who she should be, and he answered in silent revelry. I'm trying not to tear up because my boyfriend already thinks I'm too soft in the emotions department, but if I do cry I'm going to blame it on a cut on my thumb that's hurting.

(No website listed)

Lovely picture of Priscilla Ahn

Let's Go Sailing, "Sideways (remix)" (Thanks to Filter for the link)

"Sideways", by Let's Go Sailing, is a spry, flirtatious song, reminiscent of Maria Taylor's music. The theme is not necessarily love, but probably more accurately called "interest". While I love the dire, heart-wrenching "my lover done me wrong and he/she will pay" type songs, they can be emotionally overwhelming if listened to constantly. Trust me--I know. I listened to The Smiths in high school. Not every love song has to be about a deep, twisting, unshakable love. Sometimes just the promise of love is a good subject. Leave the borderline stalker songs for the end of the album.

Website (I think her dates are a little off--I'm pretty sure the last blurb on the news page is from Jan. '08, not '07)

The very pretty Shana Levy, of Let's Go Sailing, looking a little sideways, but down


Celebration, "Evergreen" video

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Also, I can't find an mp3 for this song, but the song is beautiful. It's Adele's "Chasing Pavements". The video is below:

Check out this video: Adele - Chasing Pavements

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