Sunday, February 24, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Miracle Fortress, "Have You Seen in Your Dreams" (Downloaded from their Myspace)

I love strange songs that are off in so many ways and in so many places. I hear what sounds like turkeys gobbling at the beginning. Towards the end what sounds like a different song overlays the music. After going to every webpage I had open and hitting "stop" on every embedded player, I realized it was part of the original song. I love whatever that instrument that is making a sound like a ghostly woman singing "ahhh". I love how this song makes me think of Andrew Bird doing a His Name is Alive song (the dischordia and the reverbed guitar especially remind me of His Name is Alive). I wish they had an actual website, though. I'd love to learn more about this band. I guess that's part of the mystique, though.

Label Site

Miracle Fortress miraculously fortify their fortress using only their instruments and a sweater...

Jenny Omnichord, "Buildings"

I never knew I'd like the sound of an omnichord. I never knew what an omnichord sounded like. In this song it sounds like a very delicate, space-agy accent to a song that's already sparse and minimally-populated. A little bit of a guitar and keyboards support Jenny's precocious voice, with the omnichord sliding in the spaces between. With the music being so minimal, her voice carries most of the personality of the song, and the personality is coy, playfully taunting, like a little girl when she knows something you don't know. She knows she's going to tell you, but she enjoys stretching out the story and watching your reaction.

Label Website
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Jenny Omnichord wonders if it's possible to play all of these at once.

The Quavers, "Fireflies"

I love the slow-build of this song. The singer's voice starts off calm, quiet and not at all threatening. He lulls you into thinking "oh what a nice little folk song". Then the lullabye drones into an ever-insistent demand to know "How can you wait?", steadily crawling up my bloodstream and picking the edges of my nerves. The violin knows (as all violins do) how to creepily merge with the voice to shred whatever ease I have left in my consciousness. Then the guitar comes in to blanket the whole thing with harsh reverb, making me think that I would like to hide now in a comforting white, softly padded room, please.


If I were naming this photo of The Quavers, I'd name it "Invisible Arm Wrestling Partner". However, I'm not naming it. The photographer, Michael Ackerman, probably named it. I don't know what he named it, though.

This is the video I saw from them first--it absolutely blew me away. I wish I could've found a legal, free .mp3 for that one. The song is called "The Sea Won't Take Long" and it's from the 2004 album of the same name.

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