Sunday, September 14, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Fight Bite, "Widow's Peak"

As elegantly dressed as the figure on the album cover, "Widow's Peak" is beautifully shrouded in haze. Vocals which could be a visit from the other side, short staccato bursts of synth, a lovely, isolated piano break and choral, Enya-esque backup vocals that seem to emanate from the mist. This all intertwines to create an atmosphere that is carnivalesque, but not grotesque. The ambience reminds me a little of The Cure's "Charlotte Sometimes" and Lush. The electronic fuzziness recalls The Galaxie 500 and The Magnetic Fields. The electronic fuzziness also mimics the feedback in my brainwaves, but I don't expect anyone but me to know what that sounds like.

No website listed

Cover for Fight Bite's album emerald eyes

Eventual Champions, "Shooting Holes" (downloadable on their Myspace)

More fuzz! Okay, so I love the fuzzy music. In my world Jesus and The Mary Chain are always playing in smoky one-room bars where one half of the bar is taken up by one lone pool table and if you're not too drunk (or are drunk enough) you can entertain yourself by playing darts using the dart board on the men's room door. However, be careful that the bouncer is not exiting as you make your strike. You think he's mad when you have trouble fishing out your I.D.? Heavy reverb, melodic organ and low, calming vocals that smooth out the jarred edges collide together to form this tripped-out prism. The mixture of elegance and abrasion brings to my fuzzed out mind bands such as the aforementioned J & The MC, My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division. Now just give me some pretty lights to look at, and I'll be back at the club again.

No website, but this is their other band's Myspace.

It is not Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. How many times do I have to tell you that? It's Jack Alberson, one half of Eventual Champions.

Delta Spirit, "Trashcan" (Electronic version)

I love that piano opening. How 20's American nightclub--like something that would play in a speakeasy or at a club during the Harlem Renaissance* It's truly the "delta spirit". The spirit of the blues. It's the spirit of the communities around the Mississippi river (and the speakeasies that flourished during the 20's). It's the spirit of having fun, playing music and enjoying life. Now don't get me wrong: these dudes are ragtag in the same way The Reconteurs are. They're still white kids, but they've got old souls. Even Wikipedia calls them "Americana/soul".

*True music historians, please forgive my ignorance if I'm wrong about any of that. I do what I can.

(The website listed doesn't come up)
(They just had their van broken into, so please support them if you can).

Delta Spirit, practicing their harmonizing during a break at the speakeasy


New Juliana Hatfield video
I've played Ingrid Michaelson several times, but she's just so awesome. I would suggest listening to her Daytrotter session.

Eugene Francis Jr., "Poor Me", from his debut albumThe Golden Beatle.
This video and song is awesome, though the video is a little gross and creepy.

Gnarls Barkley, "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

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