Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

(I apologize for this being late. Hopefully I'll get back on track).

Haale, "Home Again" (Not a direct link. This goes to the page where you can download the song).

I'm a little late on this bandwagon. I'm kind of like a musical savant--I can find these incredible, little-known masterpieces, and then sometimes I "discover" these well-known masterpieces and think I'm the first in line. It's the nature of being stuck in my own world, I guess :)

"Home Again" incorporates the purple haze of the mind meld experiments of the 60's, but Haale coats the psychedelic experience with her smooth, pervasive and addictive vocals. Her voice probably tames snakes. You will want to lie back on that purple bean bag and let her voice wash over you. You'll wake up a little groggy, but you'll feel like you were taken somewhere tangible...just beyond the veil between there and here.

Website (she has songs for streaming--I recommend listening to them all)

I don't know why Haale is giving me eggs, but I'll take them.

Kensington Prairie, "Crooked Things Straight"

We've gone from the heady swells of psychedelia to the genteel, tranquil beauty of this lullabye. The song quietens my turbulent senses, invoking the peacefullness of the proverbial prairie. The sense of lying on a field, looking out and seeing only the sky and grass for miles. No clutter, no mess. The lullabye, while lulling, is meant as an encouragement to the singer's friends, who are "dropping like flies" (I read an interview where she indicated that by that phrase, she meant her friends were going through difficult times.) She's asking for a way to return the hope to her friends' eyes. She wants to "set crooked things straight". This is the wish a lot of people are having right now, and with the turbulence going on in our world now, this is a song that speaks to all of us.


Even the turbulent skies are comforting in this photo.

Brad Sucks, "Out of It"

Several months ago, Brad Sucks had a contest where he asked for fans to record their vocals to this song. I had a blast singing this song over and over and over. My boyfriend did not have a blast listening to me do this. Though there were blasts involved--mostly his hearing. So be it. I had a great time singing my version of this song, though sadly...my contribution did not make it to the final version. However, I can still have fun over and over singing it to myself. I still remember the words! And hey, the boyfriend's off working, so he can't complain. The cats are asleep and it takes more than my warbling to wake them. The song is appropriate to my situation, too. The lyrics address the sense of isolation and misplacement that a lot of us feel. He sings "lately i’ve been out of it, but i’m trying so hard to get back where I fit in". I understand not knowing quite where my place is, or not understanding my purpose. Heck, that's every day for me. The lyrics are appropriate for my employment situation, also. He says "I’ve got so much time to take it easy". Well, while I'm not exactly taking it easy (Panic! Panic! No job! Imminent meltdown!), I certainly understand having a lot of empty time in front of me. If you would like to fill your time with a catchy and addictive song that encourages you to sing loudly and crazily, then here are the lyrics. You too can drive your housemates crazy.


Brad Sucks play many different instruments...apparently at once.

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