Sunday, November 16, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Quatsch update: We had to let her go Tuesday, November 11th. Originally I had planned to take her in Saturday, but my regular vet wasn't open. Really, I wish we had looked for an open vet then because by Sunday I knew something was wrong. She was losing control of her functions, and her skin was red. I didn't know that those two days would make such a difference, though. When I took her in Tuesday (I was off Tuesday for Veteran's Day here in the U.S.), the doctor said she was in organ failure. I'm glad I didn't wait. I feel secure in my decision that it was time for her to go. I'd been so worried that I'd make the wrong decision: take her before it was time, or wait until nature takes her. I'm grateful that I made the best decision (though my timing was still off by two days). Still, the vet I took her to was the vet who performed most of the operations on her, and she was assisted by one of mine and Quatsch's favorite people, Julie. Julie cried with me because Julie had been with her through all of this ordeal. She'd picked Q up numerous times from my apartment when I didn't have a ride. She petsit last year when I went to Dragon*Con. She's helped me so much. I wish I could take Chester to Julie and Dr. Wiechman regularly, but unfortunately they both left my regular vet's practice and they're now located way, way on the other side of town.

In my own fashion, of course, I made a blog for Quatsch.

*Podcast show notes precede this post*

Miranda Lee Richards, "Early November"

The loveliness here smooths over my nervous impulses. It reins in my racing heartbeat. I find myself smiling a little bit. I feel reassured, like the calming metronomic sensation I used to get when I would swing in a hammock at my old boss' house. Swinging back and forth, over and over, is very stress-relieving. Her voice also hits the right note of wry, with a hint of wist. There's a little reverb surrounding her vocal delivery, which causes her voice to sound a little cracked. As pure as the song is, the producer and performer understands that "too pure" would be a bit "too vanilla". You have to add a little spice to the pleasant vanilla latte--otherwise you'll fall asleep. Hence the vocal cracks and the awesome guitar thrashes towards the end.


Miranda Lee Richards may not seem focused here, but her music is certainly focused

Brazilian Girls, "Good Time" (Diplo Mix) (The download is to the right, on this page)

Whereas the previous song was lovely, this song is fun. This song is just frikkin' cool. I feel like I'm dancing in a parade when I hear it--perhaps that's partly aided by the kazoo-sounding thing, which is fantastic. The lyrics comprise only one phrase: "Good Time". I believe that's all we need to know to enjoy this song. Well, we also have to have a healthy enjoyment for blips and bleeps. I love the blips, I love the bleeps, the hand claps, the shouting voices...I love it all.

Myspace this a Kate Bush/Rage Against The Machine/young Christopher Lloyd Supergroup? SWEET!!!

Kate Bush, Rage Against The Machine, and a young Christopher Lloyd

Flight of the Conchords, "Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring"

Okay, I'm cheating a little for the third song. I was over at my mom's house yesterday (who has HBO) and a Flight of the Conchords episode came on. I love this show and I love their songs. I thought "Wow...that would really cheer me up". Well, I only got to watch one ep today because I've spent most of the day researching music, recording the podcast and writing the blog. So, I decided for my third song I'm going to post one of the many Youtube clips for Flight of the Conchords videos.

Flight of the Conchords- Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring Ep 11 - video powered by Metacafe

Magical Bling Bling

Here are a few mp3s
Here are some live songs

Bonus: The Cure tribute album (stream)
My favorite is the version of "Catch", which is my favorite Cure song, anyway.

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