Sunday, November 30, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

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Matt Hires, "Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song"

Let me play you a song. It's one of those songs that'll dig under your skin, and you'll find yourself humming it at odd times: In line to get tea/coffee in the morning, in traffic, at your desk at work, when you're doing the dishes...anytime, really. You'll wonder where you heard it. Was it a commercial or a TV show (because, of course, isn't that where all music comes from these days?**) You'll think about it again and again, wanting to hear the song immediately because it's made such an impression on you. Seriously--you're not even sure what it was like before you heard this song. You'll suddenly remember you heard it on that thing called "the internet". You'll rush to Google and---relief. You've found it. Go forth now; worry no further. (Geez--I'm writing pretentiously. I usually roll my eyes at this type of writing. I'm rolling my eyes right now. At my own writing).

**I'm not casting stones. I bounce everytime those dang iTunes commercials come on.

Imeem Site
Video (live)

Sigh...Matt Hires is from the same state as me. Sigh...

Windom Earle, "Kitten Vs. Pegasus"

Perhaps it was my obsession with the movie Clash of the Titans that fueled the tone of this post, but there is something intriguing about a kitten facing Pegasus. I love both, and I believe both are equally worthy in spirit. But who is mightier? Sure, Pegasus has the mass, the speed and it can fly. But the kitten has...infinite cuteness. Innocence. Also, it can bounce high up. Much like the story of David and Goliath, I want to see the underdog (cat) show the world the path to victory. I have faith in the power of the eeky little meow. I also don't want to see a cat suffer, and I will go all hysterical if that happens, and no one (not even a mythical horse creature) wants that. No, they do not want to witness that.


Webkinz Pegasus horse


The springing kitty. Who will win?

Sea Wolf, "The Promise" (I had trouble downloading it using the browser Firefox--it kept only downloading part of the song. I finally got it to work using IE. Dangit. I really like Firefox.)

Usually when a guy says he'll do anything for you in the morning if you "love him tonight", I'm skeptical. In fact, I would be suspicious, annoyed and leaving, generally. However, there's such an intensity to this music that I would be (were I single) almost willing to jump in, second thoughts thrown out the window, along with some clothes. Alex Brown Church's voice has an aching quality, an earnestness that rings of sincerity, especially when he sings lyrics like "I'll touch the back of your hand and whisper the words". It's a degree of romanticism that's absent in a lot of newer songs. (The rest of the lyrics are both romantic and slightly bewildering). He seems to know the danger in beginning any romance. He sings "we think of the mystery and we think of the warning". I can think of a few times I've forgone wisdom in favor of mystery. I probably would believe that he'd keep his promise--whether I was right would be the subject of another song. I'd probably smile a little in rememberance everytime I heard this song, though.

From the PABLOVE Foundation benefit album
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Sea Wolf wishes the other wolves wouldn't tear apart his house while he's away. If only he had the kitten from above to protect him...

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