Sunday, July 29, 2007


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***Something's very wrong with my iTunes feed. I tried another podcatcher (Juice) and it downloaded just fine. I haven't been able to access my feed on iTunes for a month now, and I've even tried two different computers.

I screwed up something :( I e-mailed Libsyn, but so far nothing they've suggested to me has helped. If anyone has any ideas, please e-mail me at***

Brad Sucks, Making Me Nervous (from his site)

He also has a Myspace

Voom Blooms, "Thoughts of Rena" (from KEXP)

Voom Bloom's Myspace and their Website

Chris and Thomas, "Take These Thoughts"
(IODA Promonet asks that I include the following information in exchange for posting the mp3)

Land of   Sea

Download "Take These

from "Land of Sea"
by chris and thomas

Music Inc.

More On This Album

Jenny Toomey, "Inarticulate Boyfriend" (from her label's site) She has a website, but no Myspace is listed.

Stars, "The Night Starts Here"

IODA information:

In Our   Bedroom After the War

Download "The Night Starts

from "In Our Bedroom After the War"
by Stars
Arts &


    More On This Album

    Ballboy, "I Hate Scotland" (from their website) They also have a Myspace.

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