Sunday, July 08, 2007

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Lola is broadcasting to you from Drivel, housed on Ubuntu, a Linux variant. I'm having a helluva time getting used to all this new software. I'm going to attempt to use Audacity next week to do my podcast. Yeah, new is scary. I'm attempting to extricate myself from Windows' megalomaniac grasp, though. The conversion may take a little long than I thought to complete, though--especially since Ubuntu has frozen twice already this morning.

Nina Nastastia and Jim White, "In The Evening"

I've written about Nina Nastasia before; the song I posted a few months ago is still one of my top favorite songs: "Treehouse Song". Every time I hear a song from her, though, it becomes one of my new favorites. In this song, I'm struck by the trepidation and sad acceptance in her voice. She says "after we darken up our home, you see my hands are trembling from an uneasy knowing." Okay, that's just sad, but honest. Jim White, the drummer for the band Dirty Three, is co-credited as her collaborator on the entire album You Follow Me, as also her previous album On Leaving.

Label Website

Nina Nastasia

The Icy Shores, "Backseat" (see below)

On their website, there's a Q and A with the members of the band. One of the questions is addressed to the two members from Alabama (the band is Minneapolis-based). They're asked what the differences are between Alabama and Minnesota. One of the band members replied "people here [in Minnesota] wear pants". Hee! I spent the 90's in Birmingham, and I miss it very much, but I'm not above finding that funny. For the record, though, since I moved to Florida I'm less likely to wear pants. This song gets a little emo at the end, but that doesn't stop me from bopping out on most of it. Yes, I said "bopping out". That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm just bopping my little (newly Ubuntu-d) heart out. "Backseat" is from the album "What You Get and How You Get It", and it has thrashy guitars like I love.

Stuff IODA Promonet wants me to say:

What You Get And How You Get It

Download "Backseat" (mp3)
from "What You Get And How You Get It"
by The Icy Shores
Catlick Records

More On This Album

Cajun Dance Party, "The Next Untouchable" (see below)

I want to go to a cajun dance party! I miss cajun food. When I lived in Alabama, there was a bit of a cajun influence, being not far from Looziana. There was a great lunch-type place that served gumbu, dirty rice, all the great cajun stuff. They had a wonderful buffet. I miss that place. There's also a live music venue called Zydeco, but I don't remember them ever playing any zydeco music.

Anyways, this song has nothing to do with Zydeco or food or anything I just mentioned. It is very infectious, though, and I would definitely dance to it if it played at a cajun dance party (or anywhere). Oh yeah, and they're teenagers, but I don't hate them for it.


I had to use the video instead of an actual mp3 because I can't figure out where I got the mp3 from, and I'm trying to do that whole "legal" thing. I know--how limiting.

Cajun Dance Party are wondering where the Cajun disco ball is

Okay, so Ubunto has frozen several times. It looks like I'll have to have a 2nd computer open to look up websites.

Update: The Ubunto experiment ended in me crying.

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