Sunday, October 05, 2008


I have made my first ever promo. Yay for me! Thanks to Brad Sucks for letting me use his song. I'm sure I will use more of his songs, provided I have not embarrassed him too much because of this promo.

Cerulean's Love of Music, Promo #1, Music by Brad Sucks (Via Sendspace)

The podcaster/novelist (and a new hero of mine), J.C. Hutchins, has agreed to include my promo at the end of one of his upcoming 7th Son: Obsidian podcasts. He regularly promotes other podcasters, which is damn awesome and generous of him. I'm halfway through the second book of his trilogy, 7th Son. It is a very well-written, very gripping book. So gripping, that it may be the reason the volume on my iPod dock won't go down.

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