Friday, October 03, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I've been using Adobe Audition demo software to record the podcast the last two episodes. I really like it. The files are very easy to move around, unlike Audacity. It has a lot of sound effects that I have yet to try to use. I probably won't use them much for this podcast, but if I do ever start podcasting my fiction, then I would like to have access to those effects.

As far as ease of use, it's no more easier than my old software Propaganda, but seeing as Propaganda closes as soon as I open it up, I've decided I want to move past trying to get Propaganda to work. Plus Adobe can do a lot more neat tricks than Propaganda ever dreamed of. I tried a free program called Audacity multiple times, I had nothing but headaches when I used it. Audacity may be free, but it's clunky and difficult to maneuver.

So the reason I'm mentioning this is, as most of you know, I've never made a cent off this podcast. I've also been out of work for 8 months (though I finally got a job. Yay!) Anyhoo, yeah, Adobe Audition 3 costs $349 plus tax. I have a job now, so in a few months I could probably save enough money. However, if anyone so desired to kick in a dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't think I've ever paid this much for software, and I'm looking to assuage the shock ;)

Any of my friends who normally get me a birthday present (my birthday's at the end of the month), I would actually rather have a donation to the Adobe fund this year than a material gift. While I love material gifts, I like having money in my bank account too ;) Here's the donate link. The link is also on the main page.

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