Sunday, October 26, 2008

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

This is going to be another shortened post. Yes, I suck. The kitty's been acting funky today, and I realize that may be partly my fault (I realized that I made a bad mistake because I was tired). Also, for other reasons I'm not going to get in to, I have to start waking up at 5 instead of 5:30. Bear with me, folks. The Lola needs to take care of herself and her almost 15 year-old cat.

Parts and Labor, "Nowheres Nigh"

Being so tired, I would choose a band with the word "labor" in its name. Luckily the song is much more upbeat than how I feel. The energy in this song is enough to fuel ten Red Bulls, several vitamin supplements and one of those yappy dogs that never stop jumping up and down. The bass solidly underlies the song, grounding the music. The guitar rips through, putting any dead air to rest and the vocals intensify the already taut movement by injecting an urgency and raw emotion. This is the kind of song where even if you can't understand the words enough to tell what the song is about (hey--it happens. I googled and could not find), you can tell that something important is at stake. Someone is fighting for something.

Call and leave a message and they may use it in their live show.

Parts and Labor win the staring contest. I'm not even going to try to best them.

Made in China, "How Everything Works"

Could this be...a song for Sylar? Afterall, he says "I know how everything works, but I can't explain it". Sounds like the perfect theme song for Sylar from Heroes. Or, it could be a song about confusion, uncertainty and the attempts one makes to connect with others. He says "no one's getting his drift"...he knows "how everyone feels", but he "can't seem to tell them". He feels like he could fix a lot of problems, repeal a lot of sorrows, if only the world would give him a chance. He "knows the evil that lurks". He knows "how everything works", and as he says, he "barely survives it". Unfortunately, no one will turn to him for his help. It's the curse of being able to see inside people but not at them--being aware of so much that he scares people because some people don't want to look in a mirror. Some people don't want to look inside.

Website *You have no idea how hard it was to google this

Is it any surprise these dudes can see inside us?

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