Friday, October 10, 2008

Song That Might Otherwise Pass You By

This is going to be a very truncated version of the blog post. I'm not in the happiest of moods--I found out today that my oldest cat has cancer again. Whereas the doctor was optimistic when she had it two years ago (and she did go into remission), this time he was not at all optimistic and thinks she might only have a few weeks. So, since she's my baby (my almost 15 year old baby), my mind is a little mushy and I don't want to have to work much this weekend. So, I'm putting this out a little early, but this'll be the post for the weekend of Oct. 10th-Oct. 12th.

The Loom, "Song For The Winter Sun" (Look for the "download mp3" button at the bottom of the page)

I would never sleep through a whole winter, though I am in constant danger of sleeping through an entire winter afternoon. Perhaps morning, also. Night, definitely. But not all three consistently. However, since I love the marching vibe of this song--it's rhythmic enough to shatter the freeze on any landscape--I'm looking beyond any differences. So, I'm not a bear. It doesn't mean I can't enjoy this song. Of course the song also has the type of lyrics I won't understand until the band tells me what the song's about. Besides the aforementioned "we will not sleep our way through the winter", leading me to believe the song may be about a band of snowmen, meaning is still difficult to determine by the rest of the lyrics. Is he an unfortunate boxer, "going down quickly in the early rounds"? Is he Frankenstein, "dragging [his] feet through the sturdy towns?" If I don't figure out the meaning of the words, though, I'll still enjoy the song for the handclaps, the instruments (is that a mandolin?) and the record player crackling. Man, I love the sound of a record player crackling.

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