Sunday, April 10, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Captains of Industry, "
Architects of Sunshine." What a cool song.

Panda Bear, "A Musician and a Filmmaker." I'm direct linking to this because I can't isolate an mp3 on the bandpage. The MP3 is from Insound.

Output Message, "Bernard's Song."
What a great electronic song.

Lazarus, "Singing to the Thieves." I'm direct linking, but only because there's no way to link to specific pages. I hope Temporary Residence doesn't hate me, because I love them.

Radical Dudez, "Ukulele." Click on the music link at the top right (for some reason I decided not to direct link this one.) Weird song. I like it. I heard it on Ben Loves Music (hey--his title is similar to mine!) but I can't find it on there now.

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ben said...

It's hard not to love the Dudez.