Sunday, April 17, 2005

Seven Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm adding a few extra songs because I have so many streams, and I feel guilty. I can't provide the mp3s like I used to. I just can't find them. They're gone before the weekend.


The Legends, "
There and Back Again." Very lovely, memorable song. The hobbits in Sweden are much taller. Took me forever just to find this video (look in the middle of the page); God only knows where I got the mp3 I have from. I believe this is a stream. It may be an actual download. I don't know. My WM player doesn't work too well.

Gentleman Reg, "
It's Not Safe." What a great song. Sort of alt-country, but not twangy. It also speaks truth. It's not safe to be naked. As much as we'd like to go back to the good old days...(also check out the Royal City's cover of The Strokes' Is This It.)

The Skyflakes, "
Bad Thoughts." I usually hate little girl vocals--as much as I hate crappy emo vocals--but I like this song, and strangely the little girl vocals seem to work for it. It's like a living, breathing Emily Strange cartoon. It's a little bit old (3 years) but sometimes I stumble on songs that are a few years old; I still get obsessed with them all the same.

Fanuelle, "
Dirty Loverstuff." Awesome 60's sounding song.

Cary Brothers, "
All The Rage." Scroll down to the "free song of the week", and it's the December 8th posting. Nice, soft song. Reminds me of Iron and Wine. I actually just realized that Brothers is his last name--there's just one guy.

Doves, "
Eleven Miles Out." Very nice Doves song. One of my favorites off the...oh wait-it's not on the new album. It's on the Black & White single. It should be on the album. I was fortunate enough to get the mp3 from Torr's site b/f it was taken off. This stream, unfortunately, was all I could find. I looked for a good hour. I don't do anything social on the weekends.

Summer Hymns,
"Mr. Brewer (cackle, cackle)." Okay, this is an old song. Five years old. However, I like it. I like it alot. Since I like it so much, I don't care that it's old, or that it's just a stream. Of the dozen songs I found online for them, I could not find an mp3 for this song. Sucks to be me tonight.

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