Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yeee! The song I like so much from Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake...album is available here. So excited! This could disappear soon, so if you like it, get it now.
"Party" by Knife in the Water is a song I first heard about three years ago. I'm linking to it now because who knows when I'll see it available as a download again.
Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Canasta, " Just A Star." Really pretty--almost completely instrumental. Also check out the version of Major Tom. I can't stop playing it! Actually I really like most of the songs. Thanks to Copy, right? for posting this link.

Mini Pops,
"Bette Davis Eyes," Songs from this site disappear after a week or so. This is apparently quite old (from the 80's I think) but it's one of the best versions I've heard of the song, save for the Alvin and the Chipmunks version.

"Tender Is the Plight of the Weakerthan." Scroll down for the mp3. Really cool song. I love the Nordic music.

Novi Split,
"Newborn Life Teething." Click on the media page, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page. One of my favorite songs as of late. It's two years old according to allmusic, but that doesn't matter, right?

And lastly
a video. I like this song ("First Day of My Life") by Bright Eyes so much that I made it my ringtone. Now I must download it from Musicmatch (until I can afford the actual CD.)
Okay, this isn't gonna go on my Five Songs list because I'm not actually loving it, but I do find it interesting. Scroll down on the page to the 4/26 listing. The song I'm talking about is Elijah and Cody Torn's cover of Fallin'.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Two songs by one of my favorite bands, Devotchka.
Cool version of Dido's white flag! It's by Marek. Like most of these mp3s, it could disappear any day now.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Video for a very nice Bright Eyes song, "This is the First Day of my Life."
I cannot say enough good things about the song Seven Maids by Jen Gloeckner.

I would've included it on my list yesterday, but it took about a thousand google searches to figure out who sang it. When I originally downloaded the sample I forgot to label it.

I like the other songs, but so far 7Maids is the one that stands out the most to me.
Hasidic Reggae! (It was bound to happen eventually.)


Listen to the album. Video for King Without a Crown.

Heh Heh. It's Hasidic Reggae!

Okay, so I actually have seven songs. I can't help it. I have no self-discipline. I could never choose.

The Russian Futurists, "Paul Simon," Heh Heh. Yeah, I like this song alot. Instrumental.

Engineers, "
Home." This is a stream, but
it's a really good song.

New Order,
"Krafty (Japanese Version)>" Oh no. Oh Yes. here's the original

"Tonight." I dunno. Perhaps it's hormones. This song is a little light, but I'm liking it. Probably hormones.

Outhud, "
How Long?" Scroll
a little ways down to the Sunday, April 17th listing. This may disappear shortly.

Patrick Park, "
Home For Now." This is a nice song. Makes me happy.

Okkervil River, "For Real," It starts off really well, but then it turns emo-y and it loses me. I like the first part, though.

EDITED: I had originally put "Forgiveness" as my choice for the Engineers song, but after listening some more to all the streams, I realized that I really love "Home." The single is a year old, but their album just came out in March.

I'm also liking the Playtone song alot more than I originally did.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Shins. I love The Shins. I Love Love Love The Shins. (hey, they did say caring is creepy.)

Anyhoo, you can get their performance from Austin City Limits here.

Weird Band.

I like them.

Listen to Rodeohead (medley of Radiohead songs done country-style) and El Corazon. I didn't know Marc Antony took anatomy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cool! William Gibson likes a song I like!
Check out Pony Up! "Matthew Modine". (If you don't know who Matthew Modine is, go rent Married to the Mob. One of the best soundtracks, btw.)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Seven Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm adding a few extra songs because I have so many streams, and I feel guilty. I can't provide the mp3s like I used to. I just can't find them. They're gone before the weekend.


The Legends, "
There and Back Again." Very lovely, memorable song. The hobbits in Sweden are much taller. Took me forever just to find this video (look in the middle of the page); God only knows where I got the mp3 I have from. I believe this is a stream. It may be an actual download. I don't know. My WM player doesn't work too well.

Gentleman Reg, "
It's Not Safe." What a great song. Sort of alt-country, but not twangy. It also speaks truth. It's not safe to be naked. As much as we'd like to go back to the good old days...(also check out the Royal City's cover of The Strokes' Is This It.)

The Skyflakes, "
Bad Thoughts." I usually hate little girl vocals--as much as I hate crappy emo vocals--but I like this song, and strangely the little girl vocals seem to work for it. It's like a living, breathing Emily Strange cartoon. It's a little bit old (3 years) but sometimes I stumble on songs that are a few years old; I still get obsessed with them all the same.

Fanuelle, "
Dirty Loverstuff." Awesome 60's sounding song.

Cary Brothers, "
All The Rage." Scroll down to the "free song of the week", and it's the December 8th posting. Nice, soft song. Reminds me of Iron and Wine. I actually just realized that Brothers is his last name--there's just one guy.

Doves, "
Eleven Miles Out." Very nice Doves song. One of my favorites off the...oh wait-it's not on the new album. It's on the Black & White single. It should be on the album. I was fortunate enough to get the mp3 from Torr's site b/f it was taken off. This stream, unfortunately, was all I could find. I looked for a good hour. I don't do anything social on the weekends.

Summer Hymns,
"Mr. Brewer (cackle, cackle)." Okay, this is an old song. Five years old. However, I like it. I like it alot. Since I like it so much, I don't care that it's old, or that it's just a stream. Of the dozen songs I found online for them, I could not find an mp3 for this song. Sucks to be me tonight.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Band Name of the Week

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

So, are James and Matthew still playing soccer? How about Mary? Has she made anything for the school spirit bake-off yet?
Stream a really good album today.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Captains of Industry, "
Architects of Sunshine." What a cool song.

Panda Bear, "A Musician and a Filmmaker." I'm direct linking to this because I can't isolate an mp3 on the bandpage. The MP3 is from Insound.

Output Message, "Bernard's Song."
What a great electronic song.

Lazarus, "Singing to the Thieves." I'm direct linking, but only because there's no way to link to specific pages. I hope Temporary Residence doesn't hate me, because I love them.

Radical Dudez, "Ukulele." Click on the music link at the top right (for some reason I decided not to direct link this one.) Weird song. I like it. I heard it on Ben Loves Music (hey--his title is similar to mine!) but I can't find it on there now.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Low is releasing a DVD Documentary of their tour in Europe. It's called, appropriately, Low in Europe.
If you're going to be in Chicaco in July, or if you can be in Chicago in July, The Intonation Festival will be something well worth checking out. I'd love to be able to see The Decemberists and Four Tet.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

If anyone wants to be a publicist for a small, fantastic record label:
JOB OPENING: Secretly Canadian is currently seeking a new in-house publicist for hire, please email with your interest and send any resume materials by April 6, directly to Secretly Canadian 1499 W. 2nd St. Bloomington, IN 47403 attn: publicity resume. Thank you.

Trust me, if they'd said "vacuumer wanted" I would be interested. However, I don't know nothing about no publicizing, and I don't want to move.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

QR5, "
The Easiest Line." Okay, I know I said I never feature a band twice, but I had to this time. This song is awesome. I love it more than the song I featured a few weeks ago.

Sunny So Brite, "Lately." This song is a few years old; it's from their 2002 EP Something Sinister Inside Me, but it's new to me. I'd never heard of them until about a month ago. I really adore this song, and of course, they're from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. All the signs are right for me to adore this band.

Pete Miser, "Scent of a Robot." Okay, so I don't like that much hip-hop. I like even less rap. However, a Scifi rap song? About robots? Oh, I am so there.

I have the lyrics stuck in my head:

"I'm a Robot
Programmed not to know
That I'm a robot
Some dumb fuck e-mailed me
The computer code that makes up my soul"

The MP3 is above, and here's the video.

The Invisible Cities, "Regret." Go about midway down, and it's listed under Sixpack #39. It's a cover of the excellent New Order song "Regret." I'm impressed with their version; they've made it different, but still recognizable.

Halifax Pier, "Lightly Noise." I went ahead and made this a direct link because there's no way to bookmark the page with the mp3. I hope they don't mind. If they do, then they'll tell me. This song is a few years old also, unfortunately. I downloaded almost every mp3 available on Temporary Residence's website, and this was my favorite.
My friend Mike's band website is up.